Ailleron as a GSMA’s licensed Mobile Connect vendor

Wednesday 10 Jul 2019 | Associate Member | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

Ailleron has become one of the 22 companies that are a GSMA’s licensed provider of Mobile Connect. In recent months, they have successfully passed the technological tests which proved that solution is fully compliant with Mobile Connect standards introduced by GSMA– an international organization associating telecommunications operators and suppliers around the world.

Ailleron, one of the leaders in telecommunications industry, has introduced Mobile Connect technology to the portfolio over a year ago and now become an official vendor under a license agreement. Ailleron’s goal is to actively support development of this solution and to promote the idea of Mobile Connect. They have launched Mobile Connect for 5 large telecommunication operators so far and this is just the beginning.

As already mentioned, Mobile Connect is a solution strongly promoted by GMSA. It is an authentication and authorization method, secured by telecommunications protocols what gives it a great advantage over other methods available on the market. Mobile Connect provides users with unique comfort and freedom to lead a truly password-free and login-free lifestyle. For mobile operators on the other hand, it’s a new way to generate additional revenue.

Not only words, but also numbers are backing Mobile Connect. According to GSMA data, over 60 telecommunications operators around the world have implemented or tested the platform. What’s more, about 3 billion users are within range of the service. These numbers are impressive as is the fact that Mobile Connect is open to a large number of industries. The solution is used in tourism sector, e-commerce and corporate sectors as well as in more demanding segments – banking, public administration or governments.

Even now, everyone has a chance to test Mobile Connect and immerse in digital world without entering logins and password. For instance, GSMA’s website offers this method for everyone who is a registered user of the InfoCentre. Mobile Connect improves comfort and, above all, protects user’s privacy and reduces the risk of frauds. Let’s try to open up to new, better possibilities!

About Ailleron

Ailleron is a technology company delivering innovative solutions and providing professional support to leading telecommunications, financial and hotel sectors. Leading-edge digital products, high-quality customer services, and over 600 hired first-rate professionals throughout the world provide a meaningful space for constant improvement. Ailleron reaches over 300 million customers in 31 countries worldwide. The company’s offices are located in Europe, in the United States, Singapore and Australia.