Astellia to showcase its top-down CEM solution at the Mobile World Congress 2012

Thursday 23 Feb 2012 | Member Press Release |

Astellia, a leading provider of monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS, announced today that it will showcase its top-down Customer Experience Management solution as well as live demos of C-Sight, its mobile application for CxOs designed to take informed action on the move at the Mobile World Congress. Astellia will be exhibiting at Hall 1, booth B08.

360° Customer Experience Management: Astellia will demonstrate its extended product and service CEM portfolio. Astellia’s solutions provide mobile network operators with a deeper understanding of end-to-end network efficiency, subscriber behavior and experience, handset performance, voice and data services. This precious information helps troubleshoot issues, identify high churn risk subscribers and improve user experience. In addition, Astellia provides an open architecture to feed third party applications with rich and subscriber-focused information.

C-Sight, mobile app for top execs: Unique in the mobile performance industry, Astellia will showcase the recently launched C-Sight application, designed to provide top-executives with decision-making dashboards. Available for smartphones and tablets, the application gives a high-level view of their network performance and customer experience. These dashboards provide vendor-independent KPI values compared to industry reference metrics.

“Operator’s revenue is intimately linked to customer experience. Astellia is not only able to evaluate service quality delivery perceived by subscribers but is even going beyond with end-to-end and multi-dimensional troubleshooting capabilities. We look forward to meeting existing customers and potential new partners to present Astellia’s CEM offering which bridges the gap between subscribers’ quality expectations and network capabilities,” says Rajesh Sharma, EVP Sales & Customer Operations at Astellia.

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