Dialogic: Measuring and Tracking Perceptual Video Quality

Thursday 23 Feb 2012 | Member Press Release |

Consumers today are watching huge amounts of video content on mobile devices. But the companies responsible for creating and delivering this content are still searching for the right business models to increase monetization from these video services. This is especially true of mobile operators, who see tremendous strain on their networks from video traffic (with little corresponding revenue).

Mobile operators need ways to monetize video traffic, and are considering methods like subscriptions and pay-per-view models.  Once consumers are asked to pay more for video content, however, they are likely to have increased expectations for high quality.  Today, operators do not have adequate tools for managing the quality of video as it is delivered to mobile devices, so meeting these increased customer expectations can be difficult.

Download this free white paper and learn how the Dialogic® VisionVideo™ Software Solution can help address this issue. The VisionVideo solution measures and reports perceptual video quality on specific content. This gives mobile operators (and other companies in the video creation and delivery chain) valuable information to help them monetize their rapidly-growing video services.

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