Fibocom Launched the World’s First 5G Module Integrated with Blockchain Technology at MWC Shanghai 2019!

Monday 5 Aug 2019 | Member Press Release |

Fibocom launched the world’s first 5G module integrated with blockchain technology during MWC Shanghai 2019. Fibocom’s 5G module FG150(W), named after LGA form factor and FM150(W), named after M.2 form factor, both supporting SA(Standalone) and NSA(Non-Standalone) network architectures, and 5G NR Sub 6 and 5G NR mmWave spectrum bands, with worldwide 5G/LTE network coverage. Bringing faster transmission speed, bigger capacity, and lower network latency to IoT applications.

Integrated with the Aitos blockchain SDK, namely BoAT, Fibocom’s 5G module itself can protect the data privacy of the device (embedded with Fibocom’s 5G module), dispensing of 3rd party authentication. “From the user’s perspective, the advantages of 5G are obvious, the transmission rate is much higher than that of optical fiber, and there is no cable constraint. The commercial launch of the 5G module will drive the sales of 5G gateway, HD video and AR/VR application, and a large amount of innovative applications will emerge in various industries in future. With the increasing of data from various types of IoT terminals, it is extremely urgent to ensure that these data are not used illegally. By cooperating with Aitos Technology, Fibocom’s 5G Module will help all types of 5G terminals to achieve non-tamperable trusted user identity authentication, to verify data access and data exchange of 5G devices based on the trusted storage and computing technologies so as to protect data privacy.”, said by Tiger Ying, CEO of Fibocom. Now Fibocom’s 4G module L718-CN has integrated with blockchain SDK technology to provide the encrypted data transmission for IoT terminals.

About Fibocom

Founded in 1999, Fibocom is the first wireless communication module and Internet of Things(IoT) solution provider listed in China(Stock Code : 300638). Headquartered in Shenzhen, with R&D center in both Shenzhen and Xi’an, Fibocom is globally located in North America, Europe, India, Taiwan, and HongKong, serving customers over 100+ countries.

Fibocom main product lines include 5G, LTE, SoC,NB-IoT/eMTC, HSPA+, and GSM/GPRS wireless modules, empowering customers from industries of consumer electronics, wireless payment, metering, security surveillance, and connected cars, etc. With Perfect Wireless Connection as our DNA, Fibocom is envisioned to improve smart life and make the all-connected world within reach.