Fibocom Participated in the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum Plenary to Discuss the Development Trend of FWA

Friday 2 Apr 2021 | Member Press Release |

Shenzhen China – March 31th, 2021 – Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a leading provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), participated in the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum Plenary on 30th March, 2021. Simon Tao, Fibocom FWA Industry Principle & 5G Ecosystem BD Director attended the roundtable discussion on the development trend of 5G FWA from the perspective of wireless module provider.

GSA launched its 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Forum in November, 2020, so as to promote the 4G-5G FWA industry and suppliers, track, report and increase 4G-5G FWA deployments, foster CPE products and features, build up working groups to deliver on the objectives, and expand FWA Ecosystem worldwide. Till today, 36 companies involved in the FWA Ecosystem have joined the forum to advocate global 4G and 5G fixed wireless access uptake and development. This year, the GSA 4G-5G Forum began with its report on progress of FWA deployment, and invited Communications & Information Technology Commission, AGCOM, Telia Company, Turkcell and Analysys Mason to share their views on the best practices and business models of FWA services from the regulator, operator and analyst perspectives. Fibocom joined the roundtable discussion with Casa Systems, Tozed Kangwei and UNISOC to discuss the future in global adoption of FWA services.

As one of the 36 members of the GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum, Fibocom participated in the release of 4G/5G FWA Industry Catalogue last year, which is a unique guide that shares information between vendors and operators to accelerate the deployment of 4G and 5G FWA services worldwide.

Massive MIMO and outdoor CPE are the latest trend of FWA. Fibocom 5G wireless module is integrated with Massive MIMO, allows cell networks to connect large numbers of users efficiently and reliably. Furthermore, Fibocom 5G wireless modules have already been applied in outdoor CPEs of enterprises and industry IoT, which, compared with indoor CPE, can brings maximized reception through a line of sight connection to the base station.

“From the early stage in 2020 to date, the GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum has been widely accepted by the fixed wireless industry, with an expected increase of market penetration of 10%-15%. According to the Diffusion of Innovation Theory by Everett Rogers, 2022 will be a year of rapid development of 5G CPE. Fibocom collaborates with Qualcomm, UNISOC and MediaTek in advance, providing FWA CPE solutions suitable for different regions, prices and scenarios,” said Simon Tao, Fibocom FWA Industry Principle & 5G Ecosystem BD Director.

About GSA

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) is a non-profit industry organization representing companies in the global mobile ecosystem that supply infrastructure, semiconductors, test equipment, terminals, applications, and mobile support services. GSA actively promotes the 3GPP technology roadmap, which includes 3G, 4G, and 5G, and provides independent sources of information for industry reports and market intelligence. It is the members of GSA who lead the agenda while develop the communications and development strategies for the association.

About Fibocom

Fibocom is a leading global supplier of wireless communication modules and solutions in the sector of IoT, as well as the first wireless communication module producer listed on the A-share market in China (stock code: 300638). We provide end-to-end IoT wireless communication solutions for telecom operators, IoT equipment manufacturers, and IoT system integrators. With over two decades’ engagement in M2M and IoT communication technology and extensive expertise, we are capable of independently developing high-performance wireless communication modules including 5G/ 4G high speed cellular modules, LTE Cat 1/ 3G/ 2G/ NB-IoT/ LTE Cat M LPWA IoT cellular modules, Android smart modules and automotive communication modules for vehicle applications. Besides reliable, convenient, safe and intelligent IoT communication solutions for almost all vertical industries, we are also geared to customize the best and optimal IoT modules and solutions catering to your special requirements.

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