GenCell G5 Delivers Ultrareliable Long-Duration Back-up Power Solution for Telecom Towers in Any Weather

Thursday 31 Oct 2019 | Associate Member | Member Resources |

GenCell G5 Delivers Ultrareliable Long-Duration Back-up Power Solution for Telecom Towers in Any Weather image

With the Frequency and Severity of Outages in the U.S. High and Growing, Mobile Operators Need Long-Duration Back-up Power to Maintain Service and Connectivity

On the eve of MWC Los Angeles, the leading North American event for the telecom industry, GenCell Energy, a leading manufacturer of alkaline fuel cell energy solutions, reiterates its commitment to providing its G5 ultrareliable long-duration power solution to optimally back up urban and rural telecom base station sites across the United States.

The changing climate is causing harsh weather conditions across the United States and throughout the world that are increasing both in frequency and severity. From hurricanes and tropical storms to freezing cold fronts, from floods to extreme heat resulting in wildfires, weather-related disasters are causing costly disruptions to the availability of grid power. At the same time, the influx of renewables to the energy mix is adding greater fluctuation and volatility to the energy supply, which also adds pressure to the grid. With these triggers increasing the frequency of outages, along with the added impact of aging infrastructure and the consistent growth in the demand for power, the need for reliable stand-by power to kick in during outages is critical and growing.

During weather-related emergencies and extended outages, the role of the mobile telecom industry to enable crucial communications for first responders, as well as for customers to stay connected, is especially critical.  Under these circumstances, operators derive substantial value from GenCell’s remotely monitored on-demand back-up power solutions that withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, require minimal maintenance, and can be relied upon not only to kick in immediately in the event of any indication of grid loss, but also to continue to provide power to keep base stations running for extended durations of over 24 hours.

The GenCell G5 back-up power solution is a highly reliable, noise and emission-free electrochemical generator; it can be safely placed indoors or outdoors, on rooftops and in urban or remote cell sites.  The G5’s Remote IoT Manager configurable software solution gives telecom facility managers at a central location comprehensive visibility and drill-down operational intelligence about power asset status and performance during outages and at all times.

In alignment with GSMA-initiated industry-wide initiatives supporting climate action encouraging mobile operators to improve sustainability measures and reduce carbon footprint, fuel cells offer clean advantages over pollutant diesel fuel generators and batteries that pose issues for disposal. Compared to other types of fuel cells, GenCell’s alkaline fuel cells achieve higher efficiencies, run at lower temperatures and require lower grade hydrogen fuel, making them more cost-efficient to operate.

Combining highest reliability, zero emissions and operational intelligence that optimizes the remote central management of multiple sites, the GenCell G5 is designed to facilitate the efforts of U.S. mobile operators building out the resiliency of their networks. The GenCell team will be on hand at MWC LA to meet with North American customers and prospects; to schedule a meeting during the event, send an email to