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  1. What is satellite solution?
    By using artificial satellite as relay station to transport radio wave to achieve communication between two or more terminals, satellite communication technology can provide communication capabilities spanning long distance, undertaking large capacity, ensuring transmission quality, and can be deployed and operated under circumstances which are unattainable for other forms of communication.

    Therefore, satellite internet service can be provided almost anywhere in the world, and is able to achieve global seamless accessbecause it provides reliable satellite internet access where other communication technology can not be deployed.

    Since 1990, the rapid development of electronic and information technology has promoted the progress of satellite mobile communication. Satellite mobile communication (SMC)system is the system which provides mobile communication service by satellites in the sky.

    According to different altitudes of satellite orbit, communication satellites can be classified as LEO (Low Earth Orbit), MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) and GEO (Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit) satellite.
    The altitude of LEO satellite: 500km-2000km
    · The altitude of MEO satellite: 2000km-36000km
    · The altitude of GEO satellite: 36000km

    2.The fundamental composition of LEO satellite communication system
    LEO satellite communication system consists of four major parts: space segment, ground segment, user segment, public and private network. Deploying multiple satellites in several orbital planes and combining these satellites with data link makes the whole satellite constellation as a giant all-in-one platform provided services for subscribers, which allow them to access the system anytime.

    3.Advantages of LEO satellites as below:
    For subscribers:
    1.Low communication latency
    2.Low path loss and high data transfer rate
    3.Compatible with the other communication systems and achieve seamless and global coverage access.

    For operators:
    1.Satellite has small volume and light weight. Using modern launch technology is able to launch double or multiple satellites into the orbit, which enhances the capacity and spectral efficiency.
    2.Effective reuse frequency resources
    3.Highest performance, most secure and tailored satellite communication solution.

    For telecom industry:
    1.Create new opportunities for Satcom market
    2.Flexible point-to-multipoint streaming solutions for B2B &B2C services
    3.Accelerate 5G deployment & support 5G SA networking

    With the emerging needs of the telecom market and the progress of manufacturing satellite technology, LEO system has great potential to develop. Therefore, LEO system is considered as one of the most promising technologies for practical application.

    4.IPLOOK 5G satellite solution
    IPLOOK continually innovates to meet ever-growing demands for always-on connectivity. We always strives to provide secure, reliable and tailored 5G satellite communication solutions for our customers, and connect people and organizations from anywhere at every time.

    IPLOOK’ s satellite internet solution takes advantage of LEO satellite capacity and vast coverage to offer high speed broadband download to both personal and business users, while leveraging more economic services of existing cellular networks.

    We have been supporting mission-critical business and government applications as well as essential maritime and aviation safety services. If you face challenges of remote connectivity, security, assurance, resilience or agility, we can tailor satellite communication solutions based on your specific requirements.

    5.Flexible Deployment of IPLOOK satellite solution
    Satellite Backhaul
    gNB and 5GC are separated by a satellite link (NTN)
    Two options:
    a) Legacy or non-3GPP satellite signal is used
    Satellite delay effects to gNB and core functions or interactions, virtualization, etc
    b) 5G NR is used also in the satellite system
    Satellite delay and channel effects to PHY and access layer in addition to pervious

    Direct (UE) access
    a) Satellite system provides gNB services
    b) Mobile base stations:
    · Timing advance values
    · Handovers
    c) Shared satellite RAN
    · It is possible for the satellite network to be shared between multiple core networks within a 5G multi-operator core network.

    In IPLOOK 5G and satellite converge communication solution, GEO will be worked as data trunk link. LEO satellites enlarge the coverage on ground. Satellite terminals access 5G Core Network (5GC) by satellites. 5GC supports both satellite terminal access, standard base station access and mobile phone access, which can achieve the integration of core network. By using ephemeris data to calculate the location of satellites in real time, core network is able to ensure the switch of satellite terminals and the success of calling.

    IPLOOK 5G Satellite Solution

    6.The prospect of satellite solution
    LEO satellites + 5G = access to the Internet at anytime, anywhere
    5G has the advantages of low latency and max bandwidth, but it is still very difficult to cover low population density and particular scenarios such as ocean, airspace and polar zone because of high expenditure. Instead of 3G,4G,5G wireless communication network on ground, satellite communication has the advantages of wide coverage, long communication distance and no limitations from the environment. That is the reason why the integration of 5G and LEO satellite can achieve global coverage network.

    Nowadays, China has already worked on promoting the construction of satellite network, and will finish a Orbital Internet Constellation with thousands of satellites in the future. The integration of 5G and LEO communication is the essential tendency in telecom industry.
    Orbital Internet will become the significant solution for achieving global coverage in 5G/6G era.

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