MACH Fast-Tracks Innovative Mobile Data Monetisation Solutions

Thursday 23 Feb 2012 | Member Press Release |

Managed Service Delivery Platform key to reducing operators’ time-to-market

MACH, the leading provider of cloud-based managed communication services, today announced that it has developed a new Service Delivery Platform that allows the company to accelerate the deployment of innovative, new ‘mobile data monetisation’ solutions to communication service providers worldwide. The platform has already been used by the company to fast track regulatory solutions to prevent bill shock and to deliver revenue-generating services such as its industry leading Data Roaming Engine, which places the user in control of their spend when roaming, while increasing subscriber service take up and revenues.

Operators are currently facing some of the most challenging conditions in years. Despite mobile data consumption growing at a rate of 97 per cent year-on -year [1], operator revenues are starting to flatten out. At the same time, investment requirements in new network technologies, notably LTE, continue unabated, often without a clear path to achieving ROI. In the face of an uncertain economy, and a need to bring new solutions to market quickly, operators are increasingly looking at cloud-based managed services to help regain the initiative. Through its Service Delivery Platform, MACH is able to deploy new innovative managed data services in a fraction of the time it would take operators to deliver the same services in-house, significantly speeding up operators’ time-to-market.

Lokdeep Singh, Chief Technology Officer, MACH commented: “Operators today simply do not have the resources to invest in large CAPEX projects to overcome the difficulties of growing revenue and controlling margin. The logical approach is to procure these services from a cloud-based managed service provider. The high degree of customisation possible also makes this method flexible for the operator. This is exactly what our platform offers: a Lego set of features that can be combined into compelling services in no time at all. In fact, services can be launched into the operators’ environment in months as opposed to years, allowing them to much more effectively plan their business objectives over the short to medium term.”

The Service Delivery Platform hosts a number of core capabilities which can be built rapidly into new services to meet operator needs. These include real-time charging and billing, data optimisation, and full interoperability functions, allowing the capabilities to be deployed across network technologies. New services evolving from this platform are already at market test phase and are being branded under the name M Serve. These include services to help MVNOs compress data to save on wholesale costs; Machine-2-Machine managed policy and charging; hosted real time charging solutions; and Wi-Fi Offload.

The M Serve range of data services forms an integral part of MACH’s new-look, cloud-based, managed services portfolio, collectively known as MACH Embrace. In addition to M Serve, MACH Embrace encompasses:

Singh concluded: “What is really exciting about our new-look product positioning is how clearly it demonstrates the breadth of our portfolio. MACH has rightly been long-known for its leadership in the roaming space, but we are now creating innovative and exciting services for areas as diverse as mobile content billing, fraud protection, interconnect billing and business intelligence, to name just a few. As our business grows, we expect our heritage and expertise to apply to numerous other markets and service applications and we look forward to growing our portfolio accordingly.”


About MACH

MACH connects and monetizes the telecom world with its comprehensive and growing portfolio of cloud-based communication services. It provides its 650 operator customers with solutions to monetize mobile data, simplify interoperability between networks, optimize wholesale processes and protect revenues. MACH is the largest provider of data and financial clearing solutions for wireless roaming and operates the globe’s largest and fastest growing open connectivity roaming hub, Link2One. It inserts the operator in the content and application value chain and serves the reseller and wholesaler community with its A2P messaging solutions. Headquartered in Luxembourg, MACH has offices in 12 countries. Its customers include Orange, Telefonica, T-Mobile, Telus, Verizon Wireless and Microsoft, as well as enterprise messaging customers like KLM. For more information, visit


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[1] MACH Global Roaming Traffic Analysis, September 2011

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