Sicap innovation introduces mobile money with subscriber profiling

Monday 31 Oct 2011 | Member Press Release |

Mobile money services have more chance of being successful when bundled with profiled offers. Sicap innovation, revealed at the Mobile Money Transfer Global Conference in Dubai today, can significantly improve the return on investment of them.

Given that many mobile money services are way off-track to reach breakeven timelines, Aleeda Fazal, who leads sicap’s mobile money team, has centred her Dubai presentation on creative schemes to stimulate ARPU.

To get the marketing mix right, sicap advocates linking the mobile money offer to profiling data in order to target users with up-sell offers linked to their history. For example, when subscribers enter their mobile phone number or swipe their device for RFID detection by the sicap Top-up Kiosk, operators can capitalise on the operation. Linked to the sicap Loyalty and Retention Platform, the kiosk can entice the subscriber during the top-up process by screening a profiled offer. Depending on their device in use and call history, subscribers may be tempted by a smartphone upgrade, a voice minute package to friends and family, or a discounted rate to a frequently dialed number abroad.

Aleeda Fazal also stresses the need to reduce the cost of providing mobile money services, specifically by focusing on improved management of agent networks. For example, sicap kiosks can be deployed to provide cash in / cash out services at reduced commissions. This use case alone represents huge potential for operators to make savings, since it eliminates staff expenses in serving customers and commission paid to agents.

Given the multitude of deployment scenarios possible for the sicap Micropayment Processing (MPP) solutions, sicap has configured a portfolio of potential solutions and intends on adapting it to opportunities identified in a local context.

About sicap

Sicap is one of the world’s leading providers of customised mobile software solutions in the areas of communications and charging. Everyday sicap technology empowers mobile operators to deliver a superior subscriber experience, while maximising new revenue streams and reducing operating costs.

Sicap develops and implements solutions comprising convergent charging and rating, mobile payment, network services, device management, and messaging. These solutions cover mobile, fixed and IMS network environments, and are used by more than 120 customers, serving more than 835 million subscribers in 75 countries worldwide.

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