The Wall Street Journal names Altobridge as Wireless Technology Innovator 2011

Monday 24 Oct 2011 | Member Press Release |

Altobridge Limited ( – leaders in technology that cuts the cost of delivering voice and mobile broadband services across wireless networks – has been named the winner of the Wireless Category in the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards 2011.

In its announcement, the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Access to mobile communications is credited with boosting local economies, but almost a quarter of the world’s population doesn’t have affordable access to wireless voice and data services. Altobridge won this category for developing a low-cost solar-powered wireless system called “lite-site” that aims to tackle three big barriers to extending wireless service to remote areas: high capital costs, high operating costs and high transmission costs. Each base station uses only 90 watts of power, making it possible for stations to operate solely on solar energy. And by compressing data transfers, the system needs only about a quarter of the satellite bandwidth normally required.”

At 4G World, the largest global 4G EXPO, in Chicago this week, Altobridge will be showcasing its award winning Altobridge lite-site™ which enables mobile network operators to deliver commercially viable mobile wireless broadband connectivity to rural communities throughout North America. The ultra-low operational overhead cost of the Altobridge lite-site™ is ideally suited to minimising service provider costs for isolated mining communities, border crossing points or for roadside assistance connectivity in vehicle breakdown situations on remote road networks, where wireless coverage does not currently exist. The Altobridge lite-site™ solution is the only cellular system available in the industry today where no transmission costs are generated during periods where no revenue is being generated.

Also on show at 4G World will be the Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™ solution which delivers cost effective mobile broadband by dramatically reducing mobile data backhaul congestion in high capacity networks through a combination of new features, including bitstream caching within encrypted transport, lossless transport compression and intelligent pre-caching at the radio base station.

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