Toward “Elevating impact” – The 9th Annual Internal Audit Conference honours stc Group

Thursday 15 Dec 2022 | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

Riyadh, December 15: His Excellency the President of the General Court of Audit and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Association of Internal Auditors Dr Hussam Al-Anqari, honoured stc Group for its digital support and sponsorship of the 9th annual internal audit conference, which was hosted in Riyadh, and it reflected the motto of “Elevating Impact”.
While Eng. Olayan Alwetaid, stc Group CEO received the recognition, the honouring was the result of stc’s capability of being the leading digital enabler in the Kingdom, and as the digital sponsor of the 9th version of the conference.
The conference discussed the most important challenges of the internal audit profession and presented the best professional solutions and practices for the business environment.
Eng. Alwetaid confirmed stc’s commitment and interest to sponsoring the conference in contribution to enabling digital transformation and helping internal audit processes achieve the set objectives through adopting a regular approach which enables evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management and internal controls.
Eng. Abdullah AlEnezi, Internal Audit CEO at stc group participated in a session titled: “Preparing the internal audit to keep pace with the transformation plans”. Within his session, he discussed the most important, current challenges of the rapid changes and transformations of the economy, the development of technology and the constant updates in regulations and legislation. Furthermore, he discussed ways to support the control system, allowing the business sector, to make an impact by adding value to push development plans, leading to the success of the business sector, in accordance with best professional practices.
The internal audit annual conference is a large gathering for Saudi and non-Saudi professionals interested in the field of internal auditing in KSA. A group of local and international leaders and experts meet during the conference to discuss the most important challenges facing the internal auditing profession, and the best professional solutions and practices in the field of internal auditing. The conference also highlighted the rapid changes that the world is experiencing today, the new governance challenges, risks, and compliances, as well as the role of regulators in supporting internal auditors and preparing them for further development plans.


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