Please contact membership for more information.

I have forgotten my InfoCentre2 login details.

If you know the email address you used to register for InfoCentre2 then reset your password here. If you have forgotten your email and password then please email membership@gsma.com providing us with your full name, job title, organisation name, country of operation, and any supporting information, and we will locate your account details for you.

I am having trouble getting into InfoCentre2

Please email infohelp@gsma.com with details of the problem and they will assist.

I am trying to request an InfoCentre2 account but got a message saying, 'Email address is already registered with a user account.'

You may have previously registered to InfoCentre2 and not completed the process by activating your account. Please email membership@gsma.com and we will resend an activation link for you to complete the registration.

I'm trying to request an InfoCentre2 account but I got a message saying, 'Email address is restricted to email domains associated with the organisation.'

To gain access to InfoCentre2 you need to possess an email domain that has been registered to InfoCentre2 by the organisation. If you do not know what the email domain is then please email membership@gsma.com providing the organisation name and country of operation, and we can tell you the email domain.

Where can I see my Organisation ID?

Your Organisation ID is on your organisation profile in InfoCentre2.

The information on the GSM roaming and Coverage Maps is incorrect/out of date.

If you believe the information on the GSM roaming and Coverage Maps needs updating, please can you send the most up to date network licence, and any other supporting documents, to membership@gsma.com and we will update it for you.

I need to update a user role on InfoCentre2. How can I do this?

The following roles, which can only be assigned by the Membership team, must be up to date at all times:

  • Main Contact
  • Member Information Manager (MIM)
  • Deputy MIM
  • Invoice Contact
  • Voting Representative

If a colleague has left the organisation then a new one must be assigned to the role as soon as possible. Please email us at membership@gsma.com and we will send you the relevant forms to complete and return to us. All the other roles within InfoCentre2 can be assigned by the Member Information Manager (MIM).

How do I update my contact details on InfoCentre2?

You can amend your contact details by logging into InfoCentre2, and then clicking on your name in the top right of the screen and selecting ‘my profile’, here you can edit your contact details on your profile page.

Our organisation has paid the Membership fees but we still haven't received our InfoCentre2 logins?

Please email membership@gsma.com to get an updated status of your application.

How can I disable/close my InfoCentre2 account?

If you no longer require InfoCentre2 access due to your role changing or if you’re leaving the organisation, then the Member Information Manager (MIM) is responsible for disabling your InfoCentre2 account. The MIM can be found on the organisation profile in InfoCentre2. Please email them and request that they disable your account.

GSMA Membership
Is my organisation a member of the GSMA?

If you go to the Request an InfoCentre2 Account form located here, there are two drop-down lists to locate a member organisation. Select your country of operation, then find your organisation in the next list titled Organisation Name. The organisations listed here are Members of the GSMA.

How do I become a Member of the GSMA?

Membership of GSMA requires the completion of an application form and needs to be approved by the GSMA technical team. Please submit an application form or contact membership@gsma.com to find out more about how your organisation can become a Member.

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How do I control the emails I receive from GSMA?

You can control the emails you receive by visiting the GSMA preference centre. Here you can manage your email preferences, update your contact details or unsubscribe from individual or all GSMA communications.

How do I renew my Membership?

The GSMA membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year. All GSMA members will have their membership automatically renewed on the commencement of a new membership year unless notice to cancel the membership is received at least four weeks prior.

How much is the GSMA Membership fee?

You can find up-to-date membership contribution information here.

What will happen if I do not pay in time?

Your InfoCentre2 account will initially be suspended and then discontinued as a GSMA Member if there is non-payment of Membership fees, which will remove all GSMA Member benefits and you will have to re-join as a new Member if you wish to continue your GSMA Membership.

How long does it take our Membership application to be processed?

Between 2 – 4 weeks

GSMA Members
Where can I find a list of all GSMA Members?

You can find a breakdown of our Members here.

How can I contact other GSMA Members?

You can search for other contacts at member organisations in InfoCentre2, through the ‘Advanced Search’ function.

What do the GSMA Member benefits include?

You can find a list of member benefits on our GSMA website.