Impact Global Mobility Solutions joins GSMA, offers text messaging services

Impact Global Mobility Solutions joins GSMA, offers text messaging services

November 12, 2014

Member Press Release

DENVER – Impact Global Mobility Solutions, a leader in the global messaging marketplace providing wireless, fixed-line, VoIP carriers and enterprises with SMS and MMS capabilities, is a new Associate Member of the GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association). Impact Global Mobility Solutions joined the Open Connectivity Solution Providers category as an SMS Hub Provider, as its next-generation messaging networks manage the inter-carrier exchange of wireless data traffic between mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world.


Impact Global Mobility Solutions is part of Impact Telecom, a global provider of voice, data and messaging services. A U.S.-based provider, Impact Telecom uses its state-of-the-art VoIP network to carry 3+ billion minutes and messages every month and serve more than half a million wholesale, commercial, and residential customers. Impact Global Mobility Solutions was created after the recent acquisition of SMS solutions provider, Citessentials, which led to the expansion of Impact’s capabilities to include messaging services. As a new provider of P2P, A2P, and M2M mobile messaging solutions with global coverage, Impact Global Mobility Solutions set out to become a member of the GSMA, which represents hundreds of mobile operators worldwide.


“We believe that as a member of the GSMA, Impact Global Mobility Solutions will be able to connect with a global community of industry experts and solidify our role in the global messaging marketplace” said Bob Beaty, President and CEO of Impact Telecom. “Impact is creating the next-generation messaging network and continues to be on the forefront of new technologies within telecommunications.”

Impact Global Mobility Solutions has intelligent, adaptive, and real-time routing that supports messaging services across the globe. Impact serves more than 850+ MNOs in more than 200 countries, for a total of 6+ billion subscribers. Its network, which is geared for high-transaction volumes, makes Impact Global Mobility Solutions the right choice for carriers, MNOs, aggregators, service providers, and enterprise customers around the world.

Through Impact Telecom, Impact Global Mobility Solutions has direct peering agreements for the U.S. and Canada, as well as bi-lateral agreements with more than 50 international carriers and more than 200 premium interconnects with international PTTs or in country directs. Impact Telecom provides high-quality and reliable services at competitive rates, including domestic termination and origination, toll-free origination, international termination, long distance, data and messaging services.

About Impact Global Mobility Solutions


Impact Global Mobility Solutions is a leader in the global messaging market providing advanced-technology messaging products and solutions for wireless, fixed-line and VoIP carriers worldwide facilitating the seamless exchange of SMS and MMS. Impact Global Mobility Solutions is part of Impact Telecom, a leader in the telecommunications market for more than 25 years, delivering flexible and effective solutions to carriers, businesses, and homes. Dedicated to innovation, affordability and execution, Impact, a licensed CLEC, owns and operates a state-of-the-art VoIP network carrying billions of minutes and messages monthly. Led by an experienced team with decades of industry expertise, Impact delivers quality services at competitive rates.



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