GSM Billing Ltd

Our solutions are powering hundreds of mid tier interconnects, brokers, aggregators, carriers, IP players and telecom entrepreneurs worldwide. When you interconnect with us, you get the industry-leading mobile connectivity solutions all in one place. Our SMSC and VOIP gateway combines its focus on flexible solutions, strong connectivity and aggressive pricing, making us one of the most trusted backbone providers in the business. We provide a very competitive connectivity structure within the United Kingdom and allow access to over 57 countries. Using our SMS Hub, we can offer reliable Peer-to-Peer SMS-messaging services by allowing you to connect with hundreds of mobile operators at once, without the need for you to have direct agreements with any of them. With HLR being indispensible telecom technology, the prospects and potential for securing good revenue streams are very high with our amazing rates and excellent connectivity. The ID verification technology we provide is real-time process to help reduce fraud and chargeback’s. We turn your customer’s smart-phone or computer into an ID scanning terminal that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC requirements and prevent fraudulent activities. Now you can gain the geographic footprint you need to grow your subscribers anywhere in the world.