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5G-Ready NFV Infrastructure A Transformation Journey Towards Full Automation


Monday 11 Mar 2019 | White Paper |

In a recent paper we highlighted the importance of Cloud Native Software and applications and we detailed the wanted behavioral aspects of Telco Cloud Application Software. Those requirements, now become mandatory within the Telia ...

Diameter vulnerabilities exposure report 2018


Thursday 20 Sep 2018 | White Paper |

4G networks are gaining popularity everywhere, providing subscribers with high-quality service and protecting transmitted data. What is meant by data protection in telecommunications networks? What threats are concealed in everyday ...

SS7 vulnerabilities and attack exposure report, 2018


Monday 2 Jul 2018 | White Paper |

These days it is hard to imagine life without telecommunications. Anyone who uses e-banking, online payment, online shopping, e-government are long used to onetime passwords for transaction confirmation. The security of this ...

After SMS One-Time Passwords: Meeting the Authentication Needs of Banks and their Customers


Monday 16 Apr 2018 | White Paper |

This original report, sponsored by Boloro, examines the use and degradation of SMS one-time passwords (OTPs) along with the qualities that made it so pervasive, and charts a path forward for institutions in search of a viable ...

Engaging Financial Services Clients Through Mobile


Thursday 15 Mar 2018 | White Paper |

How finance brands can create mobile engagement, deliver exceptional experiences, and build loyalty to increase revenue and customer retention.

Threats to Packet Core Security of 4G Network


Friday 29 Sep 2017 | White Paper |

Broad adoption of 4G mobile networks has simplified access to high-speed Internet for billions of users. However, more than smartphones, tablets, and computers are connecting to 4G en masse. The high speeds and minimum latency of LTE ...

Next-generation networks, next-level cybersecurity problems


Friday 4 Aug 2017 | White Paper |

In preparation for the brave new world of 5G and IoT, the last few years have seen operators make significant investments in their next-generation networks. However, despite spending billions upgrading from a protocol developed in the ...

Proposing a New Enterprise Messaging Ecosystem A North American Solution for Two-Way A2P Messaging


Wednesday 2 Aug 2017 | White Paper |

The North American mobile ecosystem stands on the verge of a huge opportunity. The way enterprises communicate with employees, partners and consumers is changing. They all want real-time, two-way communication. Texting (SMS and MMS) is ...

On the Radar – Positive Technologies protects against SS7 network vulnerabilities


Monday 5 Jun 2017 | White Paper |

Ovum puts PT Telecom Attack Discovery on its Radar for key threat detection capabilities that telecom providers need to have in place to respond to threats as they occur. This is particularly the case when dealing with ...

3 strategies for mobile operators to regain inactive prepaid users and reduce point of sales congestion


Tuesday 23 May 2017 | White Paper |

Most mobile operators in emerging countries suffer from retail stores congestion. SIM card renewal is known to be one of the reasons. In prepaid markets, cost-conscious users juggle with SIM cards to take advantage of the best offer of ...

NFV Applications – Key Considerations for Profitability


Wednesday 24 Feb 2016 | White Paper |

Over the last few years, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have shown great interest in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). As CSPs move towards a cloud-based infrastructure model, there should be heightened awareness on how ...

Dialogic Cloud-Ready Solutions: A Smart Approach to NFV


Wednesday 24 Feb 2016 | White Paper |

Service Providers are embracing a new deployment methodology for telecommunications network infrastructure that moves functionality from proprietary hardware to virtualized, software-based applications deployed on commercial ...

Cloud transformation – accelerating the journey


Friday 19 Feb 2016 | White Paper |

ACCELERATING THE JOURNEY Network services, applications and data analytics are all part of the digital transformation redefining businesses globally. This digitalization is prompting companies to shift the role of IT from a cost and ...

Bootstrapping security – the key to Internet of Things authentication and data integrity


Wednesday 17 Feb 2016 | White Paper |

THE KEY TO INTERNET OF THINGS ACCESS AUTHENTICATION AND DATA INTEGRITY Security will be a major challenge as billions of devices join the Internet of Things, and different technologies will compete to provide appropriate solutions. ...

Stay in Control: Ring-Fence your Network


Wednesday 20 Jan 2016 | White Paper |

The threat to operators’ A2P revenues from messaging service providers utilising grey routes and least cost routing is well documented, and awareness of the issue is growing in the industry. Many MNOs have ...

Cellular networks for Massive IoT – enabling low power wide area applications


Wednesday 6 Jan 2016 | White Paper |

ENABLING LOW POWER WIDE AREA APPLICATIONS With new standards specifically targeting the connectivity requirements of Massive Internet of Things (IoT) applications, cellular networks can deliver reliable, secure and diverse IoT ...

Fighting the threat of SIM boxes to A2P SMS revenues


Tuesday 10 Nov 2015 | White Paper |

Partnering with Mobile Operators worldwide Anam’s SMS Assure monetises A2P SMS traffic terminating on their networks. The company’s SMS firewall is key to the monetization process by ensuing that only legitimate and billed A2P SMS ...

SMS Firewall Impact on A2P Monetization


Wednesday 28 Oct 2015 | White Paper |

Description: In our latest whitepaper explore the key data and insights on the A2P SMS opportunities for mobile network operators (MNOs). ...

Capturing the Usage-Based Insurance Opportunity


Tuesday 13 Oct 2015 | White Paper |

Auto insurance is undergoing a massive change. The underwriting model that’s been used for decades–assessing risk, based on broad demographic characteristics like a driver’s age, gender, or credit score–is ...

Unlock the Potential of Smart Water Metering with Cellular Communications


Tuesday 13 Oct 2015 | White Paper |

Water utilities, governments, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly exploring the application of “smart” metering, or advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), to water systems. AMI can ...