ONEm Teams Up with Expresso Senegal to Offer New Services to Subscribers

ONEm Teams Up with Expresso Senegal to Offer New Services to Subscribers

June 1, 2017

Member Press Release

London-based telecommunications company, ONEm Communications, is proud to announce that Expresso Senegal will be the next mobile operator to join the growing ONEm ecosystem. The ONEm services will enable all of their customers to interact and enjoy content and applications in a new way using any kind of mobile.


As the first mobile operator to offer the ONEm services in Senegal, Expresso  is establishing itself as an innovative forward-thinking operator when it comes to their consumer offerings. Over 3 million Expresso Senegal subscribers will have immediate access to a growing number of smart services that were never before available over SMS and voice.


Currently live in East Africa and the Middle East, ONEm is relentlessly creating new innovative services that contribute to reducing the digital divide, so regardless of the type of mobile phone, everyone with a mobile phone will be able to access services that have previously only been available to those who could afford smart phones and expensive mobile data plans.


ONEm’s multilingual platform enables millions of people to interact with audio and text services in many different languages including French and Arabic. For example, by texting #France24 to the platform code, users are able to read and listen to the latest news stories in their own language. They will be able to create chat and call groups, to message and call friends and colleagues or to generate classified ads to connect buyers and sellers. The ONEm ecosystem is growing all the time with services which users have never had the chance to access, adding huge value to the Expresso brand and customer experience.


Mohamed Abdelrahman Osman, Expresso Senegal VAS Senior Manager, states “Expresso Senegal is committed to deliver all new & innovative services for our deserving customers, and this partnership with ONEm is another milestone in our innovation strategy. In addition to the rich local/international contents, ONEm has an innovative simple communication platform that will add great value to Expresso Senegal Family.”


Christopher Richardson, ONEm CEO, commented, “Africa is a big market for innovative services and The Expresso Group is a great partner to work with.  Senegal has a rich heritage of greatness with vast resources that will make it a big commercial player in West Africa. We are happy to be a part of the journey together with Expresso by providing many services that can help people in their daily lives.”


About Expresso Senegal


Expresso Senegal is one of the largest telecom operators in Senegal. Expresso Senegal is a subsidiary of the Expresso Telecom Group, based in Dubai. Expresso Senegal provide products and services to all consumers and companies across the nation.


About ONEm


ONEm is an ecosystem of services that empower users to enjoy access to a continually growing number of interactive content and application services that work on any type of mobile without requiring data or WiFi.  The service is already deployed and working with growing number of mobile operators providing new and innovative experiences for their users.


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