That pastoralists are ‘hard-to-reach’ is rapidly becoming a thing of the past

That pastoralists are ‘hard-to-reach’ is rapidly becoming a thing of the past

June 9, 2017

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That pastoralists are ‘hard-to-reach’ is rapidly becoming a thing of the past
Pastoralists raise livestock on natural pastures and in Niger many of those engaged in this sector don’t have ready access to best practice husbandry information.
The Reseau Billital Maroobe (RBM) is a non-profit global organization who are helping pastoralists to establish the baseline for the Bio-Cultural Protocol, state-of-the-art scientific knowledge on the Wodaabe livestock-breeding and production systems, and their way of using the environment, will be presented in an accessible format to the pastoralists producers themselves for validation. RBM is backed by the African Union and funded by the German agency Misereor Billital Maroobe to implement the United Nations Nagoya protocol, a spin from the Convention on Biological Diversity, in Niger which will ultimately scale up to serve all of Africa. Previously they relied on radio and printed material which did not provide any flexibility. Radio is not on demand and printed material needs to be distributed and cannot be updated when needed.
Despite the relatively low levels of literacy amongst the Wodaabe, it is estimated that in the past 10 years most households have acquired at least one basic mobile phone which has opened up the possibility to use these devices. RBM learned about ONEm’s interactive text and voice information services that work on any mobile which would solve the deficiencies in radio and print and engaged ONEm to create a service that would allow them to deliver their service on demand for both text and voice podcasts to the many ‘hard-to-reach’ areas in West Africa. Unlike the internet, ONEm has a truly global reach. Sixty percent of the world are still offline and do not have access to reliable internet. This means that millions of people are missing out on information and services currently only available through the internet. Working through national mobile operators, ONEm offers an innovative solution based on what all mobile-phone users have already had available to them – text and audio. Blamal Jallo, Responsible for the RBM CTR, stated, “We see this new partnership as the beginning of a great journey to provide science-based information and services to the mobile producers in pastoral systems.” Christopher Richardson, CEO at ONEm commented “first and foremost we feel the urge to deploy ONEm where we can help the most and for this we are delighted to have the opportunity to
work with the Reseau Billital Maroobe to help the pastoralists.”

About ONEm
ONEm a global mobile service that enables the mobile operator’s subscriber interactive access to rich knowledge base content via voice and SMS. ONEm is a company focused on developing an ecosystem that enables these core assets to reach their true potential. In the face of relentless internet innovation, ONEm sees an opportunity to provide Mobile Operators with a new channel that is complementary to their existing business. ONEm creates a new user experience by bringing to ordinary mobiles a capability so far only enjoyed by internet-enabled devices.

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