Positive Technologies

Positive Technologies

March 7, 2017

Associate Member

Positive Technologies (http://www.ptsecurity.com) helps operators address the vulnerabilities in global telecom infrastructure, which can leave core networks and subscribers exposed to cyberattack. PT Telecom Cybersecurity Suite is a set of integrated services and solutions designed to enhance visibility into infrastructure vulnerabilities, get up-to-the-minute knowledge about anomalous activity, protect core network and subscribers from existing and emerging threats, reduce fraud related issues and risks, and ensure smooth operations.

Positive Technologies allows operators to keep their subscribers safe from voice calls eavesdropping, text interception, mobile location tracking, and phone-specific DoS hitting their reputation. With Positive Technologies, telecom operators can create value and win opportunities by building secure IoT ecosystem, drive revenue with value-added security services, and boost customers trust in their cybersecurity capabilities.

Commitment to clients and research has earned Positive Technologies a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on Telecom, Industrial Control System, Banking, Web Application, and ERP security.

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