Wednesday 30 May 2012 | Member Press Release |

The 7Layers test laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia have been qualified by GCF under the new “GCF Recognised Test Organisation” scheme.

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) is a standards-based certification scheme, safeguarding the interoperability between mobile phones, wireless devices & mobile networks.

The GCF Recognised Test Organisation scheme has been set up to make it easier for manufacturers to distinguish test organizations such as 7Layers that provide the necessary experience, skills and qualifications to successfully assist them in certifying their wireless devices. 

The scheme will recognize 2 distinct categories
of GCF Recognised Test Organisations

  • Conformance Testing
  • Field Trial & Interoperability Testing 

To begin with the Recognised Test Organizations (RTO) web pages are appearing on the GCF Members page only. They are providing information regarding the various test laboratories, such as their accreditation scope and accreditation body, the contact details and the date when the information was uploaded. 

The following 7Layers test laboratories have been published as
GCF Recognised Test Organisations on the GCF web-site

  • 7Layers AG, Ratingen/Germany
  • 7Layers Inc., Irvine/California
  • 7Layers Korea Ltd. Suwon/Korea
  • 7Layers China, Beijing/China 

7Layers is supporting this new scheme from GCF with a large variety of innovative and reliable services for manufacturers embedding wireless technologies into their smart devices. 

For further questions on GCF certification or any other market access requirements please contact info@7layers.com.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article/press release are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the approved policy or position of the GSMA or its subsidiaries.