Avvasi Launches Q-VUE 2.1 as OTT Mobile Video Monetization Draws Nearer

Monday 19 Dec 2011 | Member Press Release |

Avvasi’s enhanced analytics offers service providers unparalleled insights into network traffic

The award-winning leader in video traffic management and analytics solutions for fixed and mobile communication service providers (CSPs), has launched Q-VUE 2.1, its latest analytics solution for the real-time measurement of video quality and usage trends of OTT video traffic. Avvasi video analytics eclipse traditional deep packet inspection (DPI) based network analytics, offering highly detailed measurement capabilities that report subscriber usage demographics and video-based Quality of Experience (QoE). Avvasi’s proprietary and patent pending QoE indicators provide objective indicators that are highly correlated to the subjective quality experienced by the subscriber.

Q-VUE 2.1 is the only analytics solution to provide separate indicators that account for both network conditions of video delivery (such as the spinning hour glass), and the visual fidelity or presentation quality of the video content. Providing real-time subscriber analytics means these indicators can be integrated into service provider charging and policy systems, to enable powerful use cases for operations, marketing and services teams.

OTT video generates approximately 50% of mobile and fixed internet traffic.1 This heavy bandwidth demand results in fluctuating video quality on smartphones and tablets, and dissatisfied subscribers.

As OTT video traffic continues to grow, experts agree that measuring OTT video quality is a requirement before any CSP can monetize these services and offset the cost of carrying this traffic on their networks. CSPs using Avvasi Q-VUE 2.1 to collect the detailed usage and quality information strive to understand new usage trends and are able to plan video-based revenue-generating services.

“Avvasi’s Q-VUE 2.1 is designed ground-up for the challenges of OTT video, and is battle-hardened.” said Mate Prgin, president and CEO of Avvasi. “Since its inaugural launch two years ago, Q-VUE is the culmination of tens of thousands of hours of monitoring enormous volumes of traffic, rigorous network testing and feedback from some of the most innovative CSPs, all of whom recognize that collecting in-depth analytics is crucial to their business.”

Service providers adopting Q-VUE 2.1 will benefit from a variety of unique capabilities, including:

  • QoE measurement of adaptive streaming protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming (Apple streaming format), and Netflix
  • Ability to independently monitor both delivery quality of video as well as presentation quality of video
  • Improved scalability capable of monitoring multiple 10Gb/s links

A number of leading network providers are already using Q-VUE 2.1, with WIND Mobile the latest CSP to recognize the value of Avvasi OTT video analytics. Avvasi will be announcing further customers in 2012.

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