Comviva’s Mobile Internet Offering Spurs Data Traffic Growth for a leading Operator in Bolivia

Tuesday 9 Oct 2012 | Member Press Release |

  • Experienced  more than 200% growth in data traffic over the last one year
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 09, 2012– Comviva, the global leader in providing mobile solutions beyond VAS, today announced that its Mobile Internet Gateway (MIG) has helped one of the leading operators in Bolivia to grow its data traffic by more than 200% over the last one year, improving overall data performance and delivering an optimal customer experience. Comviva is also looking at enhancing its MIG capacity to meet the growing demand for mobile data, with a central and unified management system, delivering seamless and compelling user experience.

MIG is an integral part of Comviva’s Mobile Data Platform, designed to deliver compelling Mobile Internet user experience attributed to advanced techniques such as optimization, acceleration, caching, content adaptation, and personalization. This helps operators to provide faster, smoother, highly personalized and consistent mobile internet experience to their subscribers. MIG delivers a seamless customer experience by adapting and supporting real-time delivery of rich web content and applications to any mobile device. Comviva’s MIG platform has been deployed by major telecom operators across the globe, managing mobile data traffic and supporting over 450 million subscribers.

Max Padro, Head of Latin America and Caribbean Region at Comviva commented, “As an expanding segment of consumers begin to access mobile broadband, telecom service providers are striving to provide a high-performance network to deliver rewarding multimedia experiences, encourage long-term customer loyalty and support market-differentiating services. We have been a vital part of this operators’ data strategy since last few years and our endeavor is to equip the service provider to be ready in advance to monetize the mobile data explosion and ensure enhanced customer experience and service.”

According to Madan G. Onkar, Head of Mobile Data Solutions at Comviva, “Comviva’s MIG has helped the operator to provide faster, smoother, highly personalized and consistent mobile web browsing experience to its subscribers in the past few years. The operator has witnessed tremendous growth in their data traffic and expects this growth to continue further to meet the growing demand for mobile data in the region. We are confident that this platform capacity upgrade will help the operator to accelerate content delivery and applications significantly, providing a rich internet experience. This will further lead to an increase in data uptake across their network and deliver higher ARPU. ”

Comviva has been delivering mobile data solutions for over a decade and is an integral part of over 80 operators’ mobile data strategy across 40 plus countries. Comviva has evolved its mobile data offerings to enable efficient and effective handling of the various types of data traffic – from WAP to HTTP to multimedia and video. To address the growing complexity of operators’ mobile data issues, Comviva enables operators to adopt a comprehensive approach to mobile data management.
Juniper Research forecasts South American mobile data revenues to raise to $23 billion by 2013 and as per Cisco, Mobile Data Traffic in Latin America is forecast to grow at a rate of 111% between 2010 and 2015.


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