European Tier 1 Telecoms Operator Chooses MACH for Fraud Protection

Tuesday 10 Jan 2012 | Member Press Release |

Major deal comes just six months after MACH acquires fraud management specialist Optel Informatik

MACH, the leading provider of cloud-based communication services, today announced that a tier 1 European telecoms operator has selected the MACH Fraud Management Solution to help drive down fraud across its fixed network. The deal represents major new business for MACH in the fraud protection space, closely following its purchase in June last year, and successful integration, of fraud management specialist, Optel Informatik.

Once implemented, this will become the largest fraud management system in Europe in terms of the volume of data analysed. MACH Fraud Management Solutions will be responsible for analysing data from around 2.5 billion transactions per day across more than 60 million subscribers. The tier 1 operator will benefit from near real-time alerts on potential fraudulent behaviour, allowing it to react quickly to fraud risks, thereby reducing losses from fraud.

Telecoms fraud continues to cause problems for operators across the globe, with an estimated €44 billion lost annually worldwide [1] and more than 80 per cent of operators claiming it is still on the increase. MACH helps its customers reduce exposure to fraud by reducing the window of opportunity for potential fraudsters. It uses advanced and patented signalling analysis technology, in combination with high speed processing of event data records, to ensure that operators are alerted to suspicious activity almost as soon as it happens.

Joseph George, Director Product Management, Fraud and Revenue Assurance, MACH, commented: “MACH recognises that the reduction of fraud on networks remains high on the agenda for operators across the world. For this reason, we recently boosted our fraud proposition with the acquisition of Optel Informatik so that we can now offer domestic as well as international fraud protection. Furthermore, we are committed to future investment in our fraud protection and revenue assurance roadmap so that we can meet the revenue protection demands of next generation networks. This major customer win is a milestone for our domestic fraud management service, demonstrating that we have the capabilities to successfully undertake one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe.”

Suitable for all types of communications services and networks, including mobile, fixed, cable and IP networks, the MACH Fraud Management Solution provides a simple user interface, flexible data integration, intelligent fraud protection policies and 24×7 case management. It delivers to operators a solution that reduces false alarms and speeds up case resolution. It will further benefit MACH’s customer by allowing it to free up internal resources that would otherwise have been dedicated to fraud analysis, while also providing confidence that new services can be launched without fraudsters being able to capitalise on them.

For this implementation, MACH was selected over five other providers because of its extensive experience in the field of fraud management; the company has more than 15 years of practical experience in combating communications fraud.


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