Five Operators Launched Products Based on Whalebone Aura

Friday 7 Jan 2022 | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

Aura – the main product of the Czech DNS cybersecurity vendor Whalebone – has been the basis for mass-market cybersecurity services such as O2 Security and A1 Net Protect. In the last month, the company announced new product launches with A1 Croatia, A1 Macedonia, Estonia Elisa, GO in Malta, and Roke Telkom in Uganda.

Among other reasons, the young Czech company is successfully launching new telco products thanks to its agility, which leads to record times for implementing products into the complex network infrastructure of individual operators. Following this year’s Series A investment, Whalebone has embarked on rapid expansion, hiring staff on every continent and targeting an ambitious vision of one billion protected users in the coming years.

Whalebone Aura protects at the network level, which means it protects any device connected to the network, regardless of operating system. End users can also get the protection very easily, without having to install any software on their devices. On top of that, they get to see the value through multiple digital touchpoints including a white-labeled user portal. Aura also comes with content filtering and parental control options. In general, products based on Aura give their subscribers more control and overview over their internet security.

“Security is a basic human right, not a privilege,” says Robert Šefr, Whalebone’s CTO. One of the barriers to protecting masses of users is the complexity of deploying and managing cybersecurity products. Whalebone is therefore focused on developing products that provide exceptional protection in the simplest way possible. This strategy has allowed them to reach record adoption rates in the past.

Recently, Elisa Estonia launched Netivalvur for both broadband and mobile customers, similarly to GO Malta, which launched their service Go Secure Net. A1 Croatia and A1 Macedonia joined other operators from the A1 Austria Telekom Group, which are satisfied with Whalebone Aura, and launched their versions of A1 Net Protect. Roke Telkom, which has always focused on bringing the best telecommunications services to Uganda and significantly changing people’s lives, launched Roke Protect.

2021 has been an essential year for Whalebone. Apart from getting the investment and starting the global growth and fast scaling, the company has already announced multiple important product launches with different operators earlier this year. On top of that, they formed a strategic partnership to offer complete three-layered consumer protection with F-Secure. Whalebone also moved its headquarters to new offices and presented new product lines and an end-point app for their enterprise customers. Is there another Avast arising in the Czech Republic?

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