IPLOOK attended Global 5G Evolution International Virtual Conference discussing about 5G Private Network

Thursday 24 Feb 2022 | Member Press Release |

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The #23 International Virtual Conference was held on Feb 8th. Frank Li, Sales Director in EU Region from IPLOOK, is honored to be invited as one of the speakers in the conference. Themed by『How to catch 5G private network opportunity as small vendor』, Frank shared his viewpoint about the market of 5G private network and how can small mobile network vendor like IPLOOK seize the opportunities to develop:

1. For the countries with 5G spectrum for private networks, we will work with the local system integrator such as WiFi solution vendor, 5G radio equipment vendor etc.

2. For the countries without 5G spectrum for private networks, we will actively participate in Operators’ network verification and testing and help operators to act as the system integrator and deploy the 5G network for enterprises.

Stay tuned for IPLOOK’ s appearances of online and offline summits in the near future!
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