LG Uplus, the first in the world to commercialize the ‘100% LTE’ system – The releasing of 100% LTE smart mobile phone ‘Galaxy S4 LTE-A’

Monday 5 Aug 2013 | Member Press Release |

On July 18th 2013, LG Uplus (CEO & Vice-chairman Sang-Chul Lee / www.uplus.co.kr) has commercialized the LTE-A service after the releasing of ‘Galaxy S4 LTE-A’ , the world’s first ‘100% LTE’ smart mobile phone that can utilize data, voice and text with LTE.

“Until now, we used the existing mobile network (CDMA) for voice and text, and only used the LTE network for data loads. However, since LG Uplus has commercialized the world’s first 100% LTE, which provides all the services including voice, text and data with LTE, the real LTE era has begun.”

The reason why LG Uplus was one step ahead in commercializing the 100% LTE over their competitors is that a world class LTE network had already established all over the nation. Therefore, LG Uplus had confidence in providing LTE-optimized interactive services such as high quality voice call.

100% LTE has the call connection time of 0.25seconds~2.5seconds, which is 20times faster than the existing telecommunication network. Also, it is 30% faster than 3G in sending the SMS. Moreover, using a wide range of 50~7,000Hz zone of audibility to deliver a clear, natural HD class, near-original sound of the voice are its benefits.

 100% LTE can also use multi-media service with the connecting speed of maximum 150Mbps while calling. Therefore, the consumers can enjoy various kinds of LTE-A processed data services such as video-formed SNS.

Since the increase of high definition and high capacity contents use, LG Uplus has launched a ‘Data Back’ promotion as an addition to the basic data that is provided in the condition of using U+Navi LTE, U+HDTV, U+Box, and U+ shopping service, so their customers could use LTE specialized services without worrying about their data usage.

 Moreover, if a LG Uplus LTE customer uses LTE specialized services such as U+Navi LTE, U+HDTV, U+Box, and U+ shopping, he or she will receive a free data of 500MB to 1GB per each service, a maximum of 3GB at following month, which will greatly decrease the data usage pressure due to LTE-A use.

Also from the 18th, LG Uplus will produce the ‘Multi-View’, a service that is first in the world to let the customer select a maximum of 4 channels at once, in the company’s mobile television U+HDTV in accordance to the commercialization of LTE-A service through ‘100% LTE’.

Meanwhile, LG Uplus’ LTE-A N/W has been built around the main urban areas including the capital city Seoul, and is planning to expand it countrywide during the third-quarter. Especially, LG Uplus will continuously construct base stations in 2.1GHz frequency in order to provide speedy and stable data network for LTE-A users.

Starting from Galaxy S4 LTE-A, LG Uplus will present 6 LTE-A devices by year’s end such as LG Electronics G2, which will be commercialized in August.  Also, LG Uplus will commercialize all the 15 types of smart phones that are planned to be released next year as 100% LTE service devices.

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