Lighting Up Digital Latin America with TD Tech at the LATAM ICT Congress 2022

Tuesday 5 Jul 2022 | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

Lighting up Digital LATAM, from June 23rd to June 24th, the LATAM ICT Congress 2022 co-organized by ITU, Huawei and GSMA Intelligence was grandly opened in Cancun, Mexico. The congress invited more than 20 famous industry experts, enterprise leaders and operator executives to give speak, such as representatives of GSMA, ITU, Mexican Federal Telecommunications Association, and Argentina Telecom.

TD Tech Booth

At the same time, more than 100 professionals from telecom research institutes, standards organizations, analysts, operators, and enterprises attended this summit to discuss together the development strategy of Latin American ICT industry. The two-day agenda covers a multi-themed industry forum.

The head of system Department and his team from the operators in Peru

On the same day, Juan David, the CTO of Claro, the head of system Department and his team from the operators in Peru also visited TD Tech one after another. On 24th, TELCEL CMO Roberto Lopez came to visit, indicating that he may participate in the subsequent test. They all gave unanimous praise to TD Tech’s products.

Two days’ journey let us witness the strength of TD Tech: Bring connectivity to industries!

(TELCEL CMO Roberto Lopez)

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