NeuString Expands Customer Portfolio with m:tel Success

Tuesday 10 Jan 2012 | Member Press Release |

Dubai-based NeuString, the leading supplier of actionable business data analytics software for mobile operators, has extended its agreement for Optiprizer software products to m:tel Bosnia and Herzegovina. The software will continue to be used in managing a global m:tel network of 300 roaming partners and more than 1.6 million subscribers.

This is the latest success for NeuString, which now supplies nearly 50 mobile network operators worldwide with its big data analytics’ products and delivers – on average – a 17% improvement on existing margins.

Vjekoslav Vujicic, the International Roaming Coordinator at m:tel, said: “Managing roaming is increasingly complex with multiple Inter Operator Tariffs and multi-facetted discount schemes on the wholesale side, and increased price pressure on the retail side. By utilizing NeuString’s Optiprizer, m:tel is able to be much more efficient while optimizing our roaming margins.”

NeuString is a specialist in its field, which is a rapidly growing area for mobile service providers as they come under increasing pressure to maintain margins. Its actionable business analytics software, Optiprizer, provides operators with the ability to assess, in a fast and easy manner, the transactions that are taking place in real time on their network. The analytics are available instantly, allowing for actions and initiatives to be taken quickly by processing the large amounts of data in terms of individual customer usage and call levels. By doing this, m:tel can make informed decisions on the efficiency and profitability of their services, and then make targeted offers and campaigns to their customers and roaming partners.

Jens Nikolaj Aertebjerg, CEO of NeuString said: “It is very significant for us to have such an exciting and progressive operator as m:tel choosing our Optiprizer software. M:tel is a world class operation and the savings that our software can provide will ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors.”

NeuString have offices currently in UAE, Denmark, Ukraine, Belgium, Ireland, and Singapore. Its rapid expansion will continue into 2012, with further partner announcements to be made, which will see NeuString work with more than 50 mobile operators.

About NeuString:

NeuString is a privately held software company dedicated to delivering Predictive Analytics software products to Mobile Service Providers. NeuString’s Predictive Analytics product, Optiprizer, allows for a precise and instant data analysis for all services and all subscribers and with an unparalleled granularity allowing for analysis on the individual transaction. The Optiprizer product is utilized for designing of complex price plans, bundles and packages; simulation, monitoring and benchmarking of pricing alternatives; revenue leakage identification; micro segmenting and profiling of mobile users; and not least predicting and even prescribing future profit impacts. Furthermore, the Optiprizer product facilitates detailed budgeting and forecasting split in various ways to cater for Sales, PM, Marketing, Network, and Finance information requirements. With the Optiprizer software suite Mobile Service Providers are able to make concrete strategic decisions based on clear and tangible business insights with an unparalleled short time to market. The NeuString Optiprizer product makes competing on analytics the key competitive factor for Mobile Service Providers. NeuString is an active associate member of the GSM Association. NeuString is owned by a group of international private and institutional investors.

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