Quiet Media – new product launch

Tuesday 2 Feb 2021 | Associate Member | Member Press Release | Member Resources |

Quiet Media has been working in the digital advertising and digital products market for 3 years now, developing a platform of new level communications for generating new revenue streams and additional monetization of the operator’s subscriber base. The company’s platforms are integrated into the network of all major Russian telecom operators.

Our main idea and idea of all our products is to build an ecological space of effective and refined communications with people. Our products can be divided into two groups: advertising monetization products, and B2C, B2B2C, B2G products.

The main product of advertising monetization is ad injection – displaying advertisements in various formats on http sites while the subscriber is on the Internet, which allows the operator to create and monetize his own advertising communication channel with subscribers. In addition to the ad injection, the QTM platform by Quiet Media can effectively target ads on third-party inventory (Facebook, Google, etc.) by using operator’s data, which allows you to maximize profits.

B2C, B2B2C and B2G products are based on DPI technology, which allows to process subscriber traffic in real time. Based on this technology, the company has developed such products as Client AdBlock, Filtering of inappropriate content, Network Anti-Virus and Network security, Protection against leakage and collection of private subscriber data.

But the key product we are now glad to present is CONST.ID – stable identification of subscriber devices in the network. With the extinction of cookies, tightening of Apple and Google’s requirements on subscribers tracking, it is more and more difficult for an advertiser to build ad attribution models with best results, which obliterates all the efforts of Business to increase the effectiveness of advertising. With Const.ID platform by Quiet Media, an operator can provide this opportunity for Business, while maintaining user privacy. This technology can also be used in an anti-spam, Anti-DDoS solutions and products. The list of applications for this service is quite large and is not limited to the mentioned areas.

Already having stable contracts with the main Russian operators, Quiet Media is now aiming at international expansion, and offers partnership to telecom operators and digital companies internationally on revenue-sharing business model.


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