Road Assistance App VOZZi Implements IPification 1-Click Phone Verification in Montenegro

Thursday 20 Jan 2022 | Member Press Release |

19 January, 2022 – HONG KONG – The Road Assistance App VOZZi is implementing IPification one-click phone verification for their users in Montenegro, replacing the currently used SMS OTP verification. VOZZi has previously implemented the IPification one-click phone verification solution for users in Serbia.

VOZZi is a road assistance app that enables users to quickly find, order and pay for road assistance services on their mobile phones, both in the Balkans where the app is based, and throughout the European Union through VOZZi partners.

After implementing IPification for its users in Serbia last year, VOZZi is now enabling one-click phone verification for its users in Montenegro aiming to remove friction, and increase its user acquisition, retention and engagement rates.

“The whole premise of the VOZZi app is that it’s providing an easy, convenient way for users to find roadside assistance. With its low delivery rates and friction in the verification process, SMS OTP verification doesn’t really live up to that expectation,” said Vladimir Šijaković, VOZZi CEO. “Having seen the impact of IPification on VOZZi conversion rates in Serbia, we had no doubts about expanding our partnership further.”

IPification is the only global mobile IP address-based authentication, user verification, and fraud prevention solution provider that helps improve the sign-up and sign-in experience, mobile security, and ensure data privacy.

“I am very proud to announce our partnership with VOZZi in Montenegro as well. It’s been great getting to know them and growing together. Only a year later, we have significantly expanded our coverage, and VOZZi has expanded their services across the whole European Union. Can’t wait to see where we end up this time next year,” added Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO.

About IPification

IPification is building the backbone of mobile authentication of today and tomorrow. By verifying the device, SIM & phone number via IP address, IPification patented technology is enabling secure, passwordless, zero-tap compatible mobile user authentication, registration, transaction approval and fraud prevention solutions for any mobile application. Readily available across numerous countries and regions, IPification is trusted by some of the leading telco, technology, payment, and OTT companies including ABA Bank, GBG, T-Mobile Montenegro, 3HongKong, Axiata Digital, Swisscom, Indosat Ooredoo.

Benefit Vantage Limited is a provider of security and data backup solutions in Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong, it has a subsidiary in Switzerland, IPIFICATION INTERNATIONAL AG, and representatives operating in the U.S., U.K., Serbia, Russia, Bosnia, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Pakistan.

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About VOZZi

VOZZi mobile platform

Helps you find, use and pay roadside assistance service.

Roadside assistance anywhere

No matter where you are locally or abroad, VOZZi is here to help.

No need to explain where you are

The app automatically locates the user when he asks for help. There is no stress with trying to explain your current location.

You are completely in control!

The app locates the nearest partner. You can trace his position, check the arrival time, and contact him.

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