Sicap Device Knowledge Research Confirms Urgency of Smartphone Guides

Thursday 8 Nov 2012 | Member Press Release |

Sicap research sheds light on Device Management trends, essentially dictated by smartphone manufacturers.

Berne, Switzerland 08/11/2012. The Sicap Device Testing Laboratory in France has carried out a study which shows the extent to which operators can manage the capabilities of the “top 100 devices” present in operator networks this year.

All the featurephones in the “top 100” tested by sicap in 2012 are configurable with over-the-air provisioning (OTA-P), but they now account for only 28% of devices.

72% of Sicap’s “top 100” devices are smartphones. The sophisticated capabilities, network and multitude of applications demand that operators carry out frequent over-the-air interventions in order to keep them up and running in all circumstances. Sicap’s Device Testing Laboratory has revealed that just over a half of their most popular smartphones (56%) are configurable over-the-air (OTA), and then only for certain services or capabilities. Important connectivity configurations for example such as WiFi settings cannot be done on the smartphone subscriber’s behalf.

Smartphone manufacturers can dictate OTA accessibility, regardless of the OS. Samsung is among the most generous, providing a proprietary layer for Sicap’s Device Management Centre to manage its Android OS Galaxy. Interventions on the iPhone5, running on iOS are also possible for Sicap DMC, which sends profile links to subscribers using WapPush.

The remaining 44% of smartphones tested by Sicap’s Device Testing Laboratory, including models by HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, do not allow for any over-the-air configurations.

Sicap has responded to this screaming gap in OTA Device Management by offering its mobile operator customers a high-performance “Self Help” solution. Sicap Self Help configuration guides feature step-by-step instructions with pictures which walk smartphone subscribers through their configurations. They can identify their particular guide easily on the operator web portal and immediately get configuration help with refreshed FAQ tips. In parallel, operators can integrate the Self Help solution into their CRM platform, so that call centre agents can guide subscribers through their configuration issues when they call for help.

According to Jean François d’Argenlieu, Marketing Director of sicap,” Device Management has evolved over time, and sicap is a clear leader. Self Help is a complementary tool to the indispensable Sicap Device Management Centre (DMC), which, when deployed as a Web service, enables operators to provide a great and efficient service to smartphone users. When integrated in a call centre solution, the user-friendly guides significantly reduce the average handling time of smartphone issues”.

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