Starhome Releases New Product Suites to meet the Complex Challenges of Multi-Network Mobility

Wednesday 1 Feb 2012 | Member Press Release |

LTE, 3G, and WiFi networks expected to render off-the-shelf legacy products less effective in meeting operators’ business goals

Starhome®, the leading provider of solutions to enable multi-network mobility, unveils a new strategy designed to dynamically adapt and react to the complex multi-network environment.

The increased use of smart phones, mobile applications and M2M, along with growing demands for extra bandwidth, is fueling the development of LTE networks and creating new challenges and opportunities. Standard roaming solutions will no longer be sufficient, requiring mobile operators to adopt a fresh approach to roaming in order to meeting their business goals.

Starhome is uniquely positioned to provide all the necessary components to meet the multi-network challenges. The company’s new suites combine the best features of its field-proven roaming solutions to maximize every revenue opportunity within the operator’s network.

The Fearless Data suite encourages data roaming usage and enables operators to offer an unrivaled personalized service. The suite builds and promotes optimally priced tariff packages, customized to individual needs and usage patterns to prevent bill shock and increase revenue. The MobilityPac suite offers a similar solution for general roaming including voice and SMS.

The Wholesale Maximizer suite provides operators with the ability to steer outbound traffic to preferred networks in support of wholesale commitments. Other features include recommendations by the analytical layer to control and manage their daily roaming business.

The M2M suite optimizes and manages embedded mobile device traffic on the network and ensures correct SIM registration according to device profile. The suite also cuts expenses by reducing the amount of signaling messages sent to the home network.

Ensuring Quality of Service during handover between networks is a critical component of the operator’s business. Starhome’s Quality of User Experience suite employs an innovative approach to performance monitoring, ensuring subscribers receive the best possible service at all times. The Roam4LTE suite provides upgrades from standard roaming value-added services (VAS) to LTE-ready solutions, enabling seamless delivery of VAS services for prepaid/postpaid, and inbound/outbound roamers. Traffic steering to preferred LTE networks is also included in the suite.

Shlomo Wolfman, COO and Co-Founder at Starhome explains, “The roaming landscape is changing, and as we move into the new era of multi-network mobility, core network capabilities will be merged together, requiring new, customized solutions designed to solve the operators’ evolving challenges. Starhome’s expertise and industry knowledge has enabled us to upscale our offering beyond traditional off-the shelf products to ‘suites of solutions’ designed to address the mobile operator’s current and future market challenges”.


About Starhome

Starhome has been at the forefront of the roaming industry for more than 12 years. Using its vast expertise in MNO networks, the IT environment, and the mobile user experience, Starhome leads the industry in identifying new global trends and consistently responds with creative, innovative solutions to meet the changing market needs.

Today’s roaming environment is becoming increasingly complex, with the converging technologies and challenges of 3G, WiFi, and LTE. To align themselves with these changes, operators are turning to Starhome as their strategic partner to best assist them in this complex multi-network environment.

Starhome is uniquely positioned to enable multi-network mobility by integrating its field-proven roaming products into strategic suites. Each suite incorporates a unique blend of features that work together, allowing operators to tap into new revenue streams while meeting the demands of multi-network mobility.

Starhome’s impressive global customer database includes major Tier 1 and Tier 2 mobile network operators. With an average of 1.35 million calls being completed per day utilizing Starhome technology and 20 patent-protected solutions, Starhome is the global roaming partner of choice for mobile operators.

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