Twilio Sweden AB

Twilio Sweden AB

July 7, 2017

Associate Member

Twilio Sweden previously know as Beepsend is a Tier-1 provider of Application to Person messaging.We provide enterprises access to global termination of messages at price and quality fitting their needs, accessing the service via a variety of interfaces (RESTful, HTTP(s), SMPP and Web).

We provide mobile operators a range of products to help them monetise their A2P business:

* Connectivity – we buy termination from operators

* SMS filter management – based on a filter by our partner Cellusys (Tier-1 provider in the field) or an existing filter, we provide a fully managed filter service including 24/7 operation and recurring proactive penetration tests. Without filters, traffic will enter the network via non-paid routes and SPAM can flourish.

* White label A2P – we provide our solution using the look and feel of an operator, so operators can offer A2P to their B2B customers with near zero time to market.

* A2P for mobile groups – we provide special solutions for operator groups, allowing them to capitalise on their shared strength.

* SMS strategy – we provide consultancy services and strategic guidance for operators in the area of international SMS.

We base this on 10+ years of experience in the area, a market leading SMS engine and market leading APIs.

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