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Infrastructure, Access and Congestion: Three Natural Disasters Disrupt Mobile Communications

Two powerful earthquakes struck Northwest China on Monday, July 22nd causing significant damage, injuries and a loss of lives. We provide an update on response efforts.

April Roundup: A Challenging Month for Communication Networks in Disasters

The tragedies last week in China, Boston, Iran and Pakistan, and the flooding in Buenos Aires earlier this month underscore the dependence that affected communities and emergency response agencies place on mobile networks to communicate with loved ones and coordinate during ...

New Publications signal a turning point for the use of mobile and ICT in humanitarian crises and the protection of human rights

The past month has witnessed the publication of a number of ground-breaking papers related to the use of mobile technology in natural disasters, complex emergencies and human rights. We review what this might mean.

Key Partnerships Speed Response to Typhoon Bopha

Last month, in the aftermath of a super typhoon that hit Mindanao Island in the Philippines, we witnessed an inspiring cooperation amongst mobile operators and NGOs. It was encouraging to learn just how much more efficient and effective disaster response can be. We address ...

Mobile and Humanitarian 101: Key Themes from the GSMA Disaster Response and CDAC Network Webinar

On 20th November 2012, the GSMA Disaster Response Programme, in partnership with the CDAC Network, hosted a webinar titled “Back to the Basics: Mobile and Humanitarian 101.” We share the key themes emerging from this discussion.

Disaster Risk Reduction: Establishing coordinated and reliable communications

October 13th marked the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, a day focused on improving resilience at a national and community level, to mitigate the impact that natural disasters have. We explain why extablishing coordinated and reliable communications is critical ...

For Telecoms companies, disaster preparedness begins to reap rewards

As Hurricane Isaac approached the Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines towards the end of August 2012, local telecom providers were busy preparing to ensure that their networks remained online and services were disrupted as little as possible for their millions of subscribers.

A Country at Risk: Building Resilient Mobile Infrastructures for Disaster Preparedness & Response in Nepal

Nepal has experienced a significant number of natural disasters including floods, landslides and earthquakes. Kathmandu in particular is widely regarded as an at-risk location for a natural disaster to strike; seven earthquakes rocked Nepal during August 2012. How can the ...

Reflecting on humanitarianism

August 19th marked World Humanitarian Day, a date designated to raise awareness of "people helping people" and acknowledge the contribution of humanitarian workers who travel to the frontlines of natural disasters and conflicts to provide support and relief.

Flooding in the Philippines: A Look at SMART’s Disaster Response Activities

On Monday, August 6th, Tropical Storm Haiku hit the Philippines, exacerbating precipitation from the south-west monsoon rains and causing mass flooding affecting 850,000 people and displacing more than 250,000. We provide an overview of Smart's response activities.

Managing Post-Storm and Disaster Power Outages: Is Distributed Generation a Solution?

The Eastern United States was sweltering at the end of June. The record-high temperatures caused a rare storm called a “derecho” which produces straight-line winds across a wide front of near-hurricane speeds. We look at the implications for power outages in this type of ...

Mobile Asia Expo: Disaster Response Working Group Overview

During Mobile Asia Expo (June 2012, Shanghai), the Disaster Response Programme welcomed representatives from the mobile industry and humanitarian community, including SMART Communications Inc., NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Dialog Axiata, Ericsson and the International Federation of the ...

M4D & ICT4D Innovation: The Importance of Local Knowledge and Insight

Development critics have long lambasted practitioners and organizations that are seen to create development policy and interventions driven by donor demands, and in turn, isolate the very populations they seek to assist. Just how important is local knowledge and insight when ...

Getting ready for cyclone season: Mobile operators and disaster preparedness

As Cyclone season approaches once again, just how are MNOs preparing to withstand the coming storms?