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Mobile Money Launches in Central Africa: An Interview with MTN Cameroon

In February 2010, GSMA hosted the Central African Mobile Money Roundtable. The Focus of this event was to share information and experiences regulating mobile money with the Banque des États de l’Afrique centrale (BEAC)

One step forward as RBI awards semi-closed mobile wallet license

This week, the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Mr. K C Chakrabarty announced that RBI was granting the first license for a semi closed Bharti Airtel.

mWomen’s Dawn Haig-Thomas speaks at London School of Economics

Blog about how mWomen’s Dawn Haig-Thomas spoke at London School of Economics

What Regulators Really Want – When Applying for a License

Over the past few weeks we have been looking into different countries’ regulatory practices for e-money issuers. E-money is what is stored in customer and agent wallets in mobile money services around the world.

MMU announces 5th Working Group in Kuala Lumpur

Mobile operators will descend on the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the 5th MMU Working Group taking place during the 5th and 6th of October. Following the success of Mobile Money Summit in Rio, we will be sharing our latest learnings with the industry

Segunda Entrega de Publicaciones en Español de MMU

Hoy es la segunda entrega de publicaciones en español del programa MMU y nos enfocaremos en la parte comercial: Primero que todo tenemos la guia sobre redes de agentes.

MMU Lanza Publicaciones en Español Sobre el Dinero Móvil

Hoy, América Latina y el Caribe muestran avances prometedores. La penetración móvil está llegando al 100% en muchos de nuestros países y el crecimiento económico ha superado significativamente los promedios históricos.

UK Government to focus on women in developing countries

Information on the UK government's intensions to reorientate its entire aid programme to put the lives of women in developing countries at its heart

Mobile Money and the Demand for Banking

“Are banks dead?” asked Gavin Krugel at this year’s Mobile Money Summit. Variations of this question been posed by provocateurs in the mobile money world for years.

Regulating New Banking Models that can Bring Financial Services to All

Our team often writes on this blog about the role of mobile network operators (MNOs) in providing mobile financial services. But what about the role of banks? Are they to be replaced by MNOs and their branches discarded?

Will Mobile Money Bring Microinsurance to the Poor?

Matu Onyango is a farmer in the region of Nanyuki, 250 km north of Nairobi. His family’s welfare depends solely on the income derived from maize crops.

Can Pakistan’s flood victims find hope in mobile money?

Pakistan is facing an enormous humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the country’s worst flooding in its history—indeed, a crisis in terms of victims that is now larger than the last three devastating natural disasters combined

Getting the Agent Commission Model Right

By now, most mobile money practitioners recognize that for a service to succeed, the agents that support it need to be making money.

The Hidden Costs of Inactive Users

Around the world, mobile money deployments are racking up large numbers of new customers. But as certain commentators have noted, these numbers are sometimes misleading.

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Structuring Win-Win Partnerships Between Banks and MNOs

By now it’s a well-known fact: strategic alliances in general are complex to structure, and harder to manage. This is especially true when stakeholders are large, powerful, and from different industries with fundamentally distinct business models,

USAID Releases Mobile Financial Services Risk Matrix

USAID felt that it could play a catalytic role in helping to harmonize legal and regulatory environments for mobile financial services and undertook a detailed analysis of the various risks involved in the different models of mobile financial services.

MMU Publishes Glossary of Mobile Money Terminology

To welcome newcomers to mobile money, to facilitate effective dialogue among industry participants, and to communicate with the public and other stakeholders, the Mobile Money for the Unbanked programme is today releasing a set of definitions of mobile money

Methodology for Assessing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risks

Mobile money services are emerging all over the world and financial regulators are unfamiliar with the money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) risks arising from these new services.

2010 Leadership Forum at MMS in Rio de Janeiro

The following is a guest post we’re pleased to share by David Colby Reed, a graduate student at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Policy.

MMU Working Group Presentations – Rio de Janeiro

The MMU team is pleased to share the proceedings from our last working group held on May 24th in Rio. We have attached the presentations and descriptions from the various sessions.