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Bridging the gender gap in agriculture: Can Agricultural VAS address the issue?

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Recognizing the challenges for channelling agricultural information to women farmers, the current GSMA mFarmer Initiative carefully implements the gender guidelines for its projects. By identifying traditionally female activities in agriculture and creating relevant ...

The Agri VAS Business Case: Who Will Pay?

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In this blog post, I’ll attempt to share some insights into the business modelling aspect of building Agri VAS programs by examining the agriculture value chain and Agri VAS ecosystem. I’ll follow up with more detailed studies and case examples in later posts.

The mFarmer Initiative – supporting the launch of mobile information services for farmers

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The mFarmer initiative was launched in June 2011 in recognition of the huge potential for the mobile and agriculture industry to work together to provide in demand and valued services for smallholder farmers through the mobile channel.

The GSMA mAgri Programme- who we are and what we’ll be blogging about

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Welcome to the brand new mAgri Programme blog. We’ll be using this space to share our insights and our questions about the use of mobile phones in agriculture.