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Tackling e-waste in Sri Lanka with Dialog

Dialog Axiata PLC’s ‘mWaste’ project was launched in 2008 and endorsed by the Central Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka. The project was part of Sri Lanka’s 2014 National E-waste programme, with the objective of recycling all forms of ‘mobile’ waste generated ...

Recycling the Nation’s Electronic Waste with StarHub

We cross back to Asia for our next blog in this series and arrive in Singapore. ‘RENEW’ – REcyling the Nation’s Electronic Waste – is a StarHub initiative that reflects their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Digital Dividends in Natural Resource Management: Part Two

In this blog we are showcasing Huawei’s Rainforest Guardians initiative, one of three in-depth case studies from our 'Digital Dividends' report that highlight how digital technologies are transforming natural resource management (NRM) activities in low and middle-income countries.

Digital Dividends in Natural Resource Management: Part One

In recognition of World Environment Day, today the GSMA’s CleanTech team is releasing its first research report: Digital Dividends in Natural Resource Management.

Safaricom e-waste management programme

In October 2012, the Safaricom e-waste management programme was launched with the objective of providing an end-to-end management solution for out of use electronic gadgets.

E-waste Zero

E-waste Zero is Globe´s flagship environmental project under their comprehensive sustainability framework. The project was launched in 2014 and has grown into one of the strongest e-waste collection efforts in the Philippines today.

Vodacom Buyback Initiative

The global telecommunications market is growing at an incredible rate. 5G, IoT, and cross-industry partnerships are a growing rage. About 80.5 per cent of people on planet earth own a mobile, and more than 66 per cent own smartphones, which is expected to increase ...

Dispose of E-waste with AIS

As part of our blog series. which focuses on the efforts of mobile operators in emerging markets to lead comprehensive e-waste management schemes, we spoke with Jutaphat Pitiphapada, from AIS, about their e-waste initiative and driving a sustainable business.

Understanding the mobile waste management efforts of MNOs in emerging markets

As we celebrate Earth Day 2020 today, we are pleased to kick-off a blog series that focuses on several mobile operators in emerging markets that have taken the initiative to lead comprehensive e-waste management schemes in their respective countries. The series will explore ...

World Wildlife Day 2020 and the CleanTech team

World Wildlife Day is being celebrated today under the banner of ‘Sustaining all life on Earth’. This theme underscores the many linkages and interdependencies that exist between human progress and the health of the wildlife and plant species that are vital to the ...

2020’s resolution: Giving the planet a breath – and data

The ocean’s health faces many threats including warming, acidification, overfishing, habitat destruction and pollution. There is an emergency to restore and protect our coral reefs and the abundance of our marine life if we want to keep our primary O2 factory in order.

Telecom circularity – as a service

There is little doubt technology will play an increasingly big role in society in years to come. A role that is also about enabling the Sustainable Development Goals. But how can tech become in line with societal needs, itself?

Plastic waste – a new currency in low income countries

The global plastic production is expected to double over the next 10 to 15 years with growth fastest in countries with a lack a reliable waste-management system. Whether we like it or not: plastic is here to stay.

Looking ahead: Digital tools for natural resource management

While there is a growing body of evidence that digital technologies have the potential to improve natural resource management activities in developing countries, current efforts remain fragmented and largely un-tested.

Reflections on the 2019 GOGLA E-waste Festival

In July 2019, the GSMA attended GOGLA‘s ‘E-waste Festival’ in Nairobi, an event designed to bring the off-grid solar industry together to create new ideas, partnerships and projects related to e-waste.

Hello world!

The year 2019 has seen an unprecedented rise in awareness of the environmental challenges we are facing as humanity; a change that can be seen at the global, organisational, community and individual levels.