Learnings from M-PESA in Kenya and Tanzania

The mobile money community has watched (and compared) the adoption of M-PESA in Kenya and Tanzania with great interest. We’re pleased this month to offer an article from Gunnar Camner and Emil Sjoblom from Valuable Bits, and Caroline Pulver from FSD Kenya, which provides a full comparison of the factors which have impacted adoption rates in the two countries. The in-field observations and market research that their paper draws on provides an excellent summary of the contributing factors in each country – from market level to service design.

The mobile industry is known for evolving quickly, and mobile money has been no exception. Since launching M-PESA in Tanzania, Vodacom have continuously adjusted their strategy in an effort to maximize adoption and use. Many of the adjustments made are aligned with the findings and observations detailed by the authors of this paper. To complement the article that follows, I’ve provided a summary of 5 key changes that Vodacom have made in the last several months.

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