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Bangladesh | Energy

The problem

Globally, four billion people lack access to clean cooking, with Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 emissions exposure causing multiple health issues for women. For households earning less than $10/day (Base of Pyramid, BoP), 1.5 days per month are spent on collecting wood while three hours per day are spent on household chores due to inefficient cooking. 65 per cent of households in Bangladesh still use biomass for cooking, killing more people through smoke inhalation each year than traffic accidents. One potential answer to this is high-efficiency, low-cost electric cooking.

The company

ATEC provides sustainable, affordable and accessible clean cooking products for bottom of the pyramid communities. 

Project description

ATEC are developing an Android mobile application that will be integrated with an eCook stove. The app will show users real-time electricity usage data, payment status, carbon offset data etc. enabling them to pay as little as $5 a month. In addition, the Android mobile app will also enable time-bound control of the stove, which will help to solve the current ‘shared kitchen’ issue within  slum areas where multiple families dwell in one house and share a kitchen.  

The eCook stove will also use a mobile data SIM that is connected to an IoT server, which will automatically mint Gold Standard certified carbon credits. They can be sold to ATEC’s international corporate partners. The benefits arising from the sale of carbon credits will be shared with the users by subsidising the monthly instalments

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Jeffreys

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

ATEC is accelerating the clean cooking solution with the most affordable Paygo technology, GSM connected eCook, that reaches underserved-unbanked-urban populations along with generating carbon credits through offsetting carbon emissions.”

Organisation size

23 members of staff