India | Assistive Tech

The problem

The majority of people with visual impairements, especially those in schools or at work, face challenges with inaccessible documents (e.g. textbooks, professional documents, brochures, government notices, receipts, pamphlets, etc.), media and apps. These users also lack awareness on the latest assistive technologies on accessibility, leading to exclusion of students and employees. Lack of access to digital information hinders access to opportunities and growth of persons with visual and hearing impairments.

The company

I-Stem uses technology to enhance access for persons with disabilities in education and employment through a portal offering accessibility conversion services and digital learning resources.

Project description

The project will entail conversion of the I-Stem web portal into a mobile app that leverages artificial intelligence to provide the following accessibility services:

  • App accessibility features
  • Document accessibility
  • Audio/visual accessibility services

This will aid users with visual and hearing impairments. I-Stem will also provide digital learning resources for persons with disabilities.

The founder

Shakul Sonker