Koltiva Indonesia

Indonesia | Agriculture

The problem

Agricultural supply chains in Indonesia face a multitude of issues, including poor market transparency, improper farm management, deforestation, labour exploitation, and limited access to formal financial services in order to purchase much needed farm inputs. Koltiva engages with each level of the supply chain to establish transparency and traceability using their suite of applications and services accelerate digitisation in global agricultural value chains

The company

Koltiva AG is an integrated agriculture technology company that provides tailor-made software solutions and services for end-to-end business processes. Established in 2013, their solutions are successfully deployed by agribusiness clients in 28 countries.

Project description

Koltiva is geared towards assisting natural ingredients sourcing and processing companies achieve profitable and inclusive growth including in the following value chains; oil palm, cocoa and chocolate, coffee, rubber, and seaweed. Partnering with GSMA, Koltiva is building on its suite of existing apps by adding digital payments and digital financial services (such as loans or insurance), while exploring the potential for additional use cases such as climate smart advisory for smallholder farmers and improving the user experience on its existing platforms.