Supremus Developers

India | Water

The problem

In the city of Delhi, India there are 800 listed unauthorised slums, home to 1.8 million people that do not qualify for a secured, piped water connection to meet their daily water needs. Despite the demand for a reliable water source and the willingness to pay for safe water, slum dwellers have to buy water from unreliable sources like private water tankers that lack quality assurance and are unable to reach many areas. 

The company

Supremus Developers delivers safe drinking water using technology-based solutions in India through the Janajal brand. Products include Water ATMs, mobile water dispensers and on-site filtration units. 

Project description

Supremus Developers aim to deliver safe and affordable drinking water in three to five slums in Delhi through the launch of 25 Water on Wheels (WOWs). Each JanaJal WOW is an IoT-enabled three-wheeler that operates on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and can distribute approximately 3000 litres of water per day. WOWs offer real-time monitoring of water quality, customer orders and volume of water dispensed. Customers can purchase water using various digital wallets/interfaces. 

Founder and Co-founder

Dr. Parag Agarwal and Mr. Anurag Agarwal 

Message from the Founder and Co-founder

The GSMA grant will help Supremus Developers launch and showcase JanaJal WOWs – a unique IoT- enabled filtered water delivery solution. This will help us scale the solution to other geographies experiencing similar challenges with respect to last-mile water delivery. We aim to bring transparency to water distribution services for all stakeholders, including consumers.” – Parag Agarwal

Organisation size

41 members of staff