Swacch Sustainable Solutions

India | Waste Management/Plastics

The problem

Low-value non-recyclable plastics (food packets, sachets, wrappers etc.) are dumped in landfills as there is no value attached to collecting this waste. This is a missed income opportunity as the Indian EPR law requires medium to large companies producing non-recyclable waste to recover them to reduce environmental damage. Companies producing plastic waste don’t have a proper channel to recover their waste to meet their sustainability commitments or to comply with the Indian EPR policy. ​Also, traditional dry waste collection (household-level) systems and processes in India are highly fragmented and disorganised. 

The company

Swacch Sustainable Solutions operates under the brand name, Recircle, in India. Recircle aggregates the collection and processing of dry waste to sell Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) credits to businesses. Recircle aims to aggregate the informal waste collection and recycling sector in India using a digital platform. 

Project description

Recircle will use the grant funding to digitise their existing dry waste supply chain from collection to processing. The platform will bring together individual household-level waste collectors, waste aggregators, recyclers and processors across two to three Indian cities.  

Founder and Co-founder

Rahul Nainani – Founder

Gurashish Sahni – Co-founder

Organisation size

22 members of staff