Mobile Money Regulatory Guide

The Mobile Money Regulatory Guide helps mobile money providers, policymakers, regulators, donors, and other industry stakeholders to understand key mobile money policy issues through the eyes of both regulators and mobile money providers. By analysing key policy issues and providing country examples, the Guide aims to provide users with the tools to support the development of enabling regulatory frameworks for mobile money that safely foster digital financial inclusion.

Policy issues

The Guide covers five policy issues related to the provision of mobile money services:

  1. Who can offer mobile money services?
  2. Are customer identification and verification requirements proportionate?
  3. Are customer funds properly safeguarded?
  4. Are capital requirements proportionate?
  5. Are requirements for using agents proportionate?

How to use this Guide

  • What are regulators’ concerns with respect to this issue?
  • What do mobile money providers need to be able to address this issue in an effective and commercially sustainable manner?
  • What are some examples of different regulatory approaches, including:
  • Approaches that are too restrictive, and
  • Approaches that strike the right balance by encouraging innovation while mitigating risk?