Grantee Details

Name of project: KopaGas PAYG LPG Meter
Project location: Tanzania
Grant awarded: September 2015
Partners: SCHI, Mobile Power and Auditax
Name of project: Phase 3: Scaling the KopaGas pay as you go model - Cash Back program with Airtel
Project location: Tanzania
Type of grant: Market Validation
Partners: Airtel, Vodacom and Tigo

KopaGas is developing the next generation LPG canisters and meters equipped with M2M technology that will enable medium and low-income households to switch from dirty and expensive charcoal to ultra clean LPG. Our business model eliminates upfront costs and allows women to pre-pay for the quantities of gas that fit their budget, improving greatly their economy and their family health.

Through this grant, KopaGas will validate fundamental market and operational assumptions to strengthen the ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ business model for scale with an objective to provide safe and affordable clean cooking fuels to low income customers. The project will integrate a large network of B2B distribution partners into the ‘Pay as you Go’ operations to increase efficiencies and sales. KopaGas is also partnering with Airtel to roll-out a Cash-Back Program that seeks to create a positive customer behaviour and increase stickiness to both Airtel and KopaGas services.


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