As the signatory of GSMA’s Principles for Driving the Digital Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, we commit to increase the number and the scope of accessible solutions and products for disabled individuals by embracing disability inclusion at every level of our organisation, understanding how to reach more and better serve people with disabilities, and continuing to deliver inclusive products and services  .

As Turkcell, we view disability is more a consequence of social barriers, than a body-related personal issue. We give particular importance to digital inclusion and accessibility to overcome social barriers with the power of our technology. We are working on making accessible our all products and solutions for disabled customers to give them equal services. Additionally, we provide various products and projects such as audio description and indoor navigation technologies for blind people, instant sign language translator for deaf people, educational games for children with autism and technology classes for the children with different type of disabilities. All those products are all access and totally free for all users.

In each step of these products like determining the real needs of those groups, designing the products, testing them, we are very closely working with target group to find most efficient solutions for their needs.

We believe in an equal, accessible and barrier free world; and we are working and will work to reach such world for and with disabled individuals.

– Alper Ergenekon, Chief Marketing Officer, Turkcell