Simgas will install a Remote Monitoring & Control system

Grantee Details

Name of project: SimGas Remote Monitoring & Control system: Smart metering of biogas digesters
Project location: Kenya
Type of grant: Seed
Grant awarded: May 2018

Simgas will install a Remote Monitoring & Control system- smart meters to monitor and control the real-time performance of biogas digesters for smallholder farmers. The aim of the project is to prove that the Remote Monitoring & Control system will increase and improve biogas access, and enable scale up of the business model.


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“Biogas is a life changer for millions of rural households. Remote sensing technology is the solution to many of the current hurdles that holds back large scale adoption of biogas digesters. SimGas is the first company to develop and test remote sensors on a commercial scale that provide our customer care centre with live data on the performance of the digesters. With this data we can significantly improve our customer service, preventive maintenance, payment offering, products and carbon monitoring. With the support of the GSMA Utilities Grant, this is now becoming a reality!” Sanne Castro, Founder and CEO