Code of Conduct for Mobile Money Providers

The GSMA launched a Code of Conduct for Mobile Money Providers in 2014, with the aim of establishing common business principles that all mobile money providers will commit to implementing. The Code of Conduct identifies principles aimed at promoting mobile money providers’ adoption of consistent risk mitigation practices in certain critical areas of their business such as soundness of services, security of the mobile network and channel, and fair treatment of customers.

In April 2018, we launched the GSMA Mobile Money Certification – a global initiative to bring safer, more transparent, and more resilient financial services to millions of mobile money users around the world. 

The Certification is the product of years of collaboration between the GSMA and the mobile money industry. Beginning with the launch of the GSMA Code of Conduct in late 2014, the GSMA has worked together with providers in Africa, Latin America, and Asia to understand the challenges of their business and the best practices in these markets. The end result is an initiative which defines and promotes excellence in the provision of mobile money services. It is based on independent assessments of a provider’s ability to deliver secure and reliable services, to protect the rights of consumers and to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

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