The GSMA mAgri Value Chain Assessment Tool

December 24, 2018 | mAgri | GSMA Mobile for Development

Digital tools in agriculture have strong potential to generate substantial benefits to agribusinesses in emerging markets, addressing inefficiencies these organisations face when sourcing from smallholder farmers. Digitising agricultural value chains benefits farmers too by offering a pathway to financial inclusion. This document presents the GSMA Value Chain Assessment Tool (VCAT), a framework for analysing value chains and supporting digital interventions in agriculture, particularly the digitisation of agricultural procurement payments.

The focus of the tool is providing instructions, recommendations and examples to help analyse value chains for poverty reduction. The VCAT is primarily aimed at providers of digital financial services seeking to develop a better rural growth strategy, including mobile operators and other non-MNO mobile money providers. The tool would also be useful for AgTech companies and other digital agriculture implementers working to digitise the last mile.

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