GSMA Mobile Money Exchange: Q&A

The GSMA announced the launch of the Mobile Money Exchange initiative at this year’s Mobile Money Summit in Barcelona. In advance of the Exchange’s release by Q4 2009, Reed Peterson, Director of Business Development at the GSMA, has addressed some common questions.

Question: What is the Mobile Money Exchange
Answer: The exchange will be the focal point of all Mobile Money information – fed by the entire industry and initially seeded by the GSMA’s Mobile Money Programmes.

Question: What features can we expect to see?
Answer: Think of it as the Mobile Money Knowledge Portal (library of everything Mobile Money) and the LinkedIn / Facebook of mobile money. In addition, it will be the home of all future RFP’s from industry, recruitment, and a Mobile Money training and education area for those not in the ‘know’ to become in the ‘know’. It will also include an mWallet vendor shopping mall for all vendors to provide their offerings as well as links to their sites and blogs.

Question: What content can we expect to see on the exchange and where will it come from?
Answer: The mobile money community is invited to contribute content. The exchange will eventually be entirely driven by the community. The exchange itself will be divided into key theme areas of mobile money, including: mBanking, mPayments, mobile money transfer (Remittances), Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU), mAcquiring (Acceptance), International Prepaid Top-up (IPPT), Mobile Money Technology (mWallet, NFC, 2D Barcodes, Coupons, etc).

Question: Can anyone access the Mobile Money Exchange?
Answer: Membership will be open to all. A premier membership tier is also available that will offer subscribers additional benefits negotiated by the GSMA, such as access to major paid-for research from the large consulting houses. Membership to the Exchange will be included as a benefit to current GSMA Members. Registration will be available upon launch.

Question: I have content that I think the community would value. How can I make sure it gets onto the Mobile Money Exchange?
Answer: Contact for additional details.

Question: Has the GSMA launched this alone?
Answer: No. Globe Telecom and Visa are the first founding partners. Any organizations interested in applying to sponsor the Mobile Money Exchange are advised to email

Question: When will it launch?
Answer: By Q4 2009. If you’d like an email notification when the launch is announced, sign up for MMU blog updates at the top-right of this page.

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