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Exploring opportunities for climate services in Papua New Guinea with Digicel


Thursday 24 Mar 2022 | Accelerating Digital and Financial Inclusion | AgriTech | AgriTech solutions | Case studies | Case study | Climate | ClimateTech | Digitisation of agricultural value chains | East Asia and Pacific | English | Financial inclusion for farmers | Global and regional studies | Improve Climate Resilience | MNOs' operational and strategic issues | Mobile access and use | Mobile for Development | Papua New Guinea | Report | Research | Resource | Resource Type | Rural network coverage |

Our new report illustrates the unique opportunity to use existing mobile infrastructure for high-resolution rainfall observation and improved climate services in Papua New Guinea.

The Climate Crisis: Mobile-enabled solutions in humanitarian emergencies


Wednesday 10 Nov 2021 | Climate | ClimateTech | Disaster response | Frontier Technology | Global | Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation | Preparedness | Refugee crisis | Report | Resilient technology |

This report outlines five use cases in which mobile technology plays a critical role in addressing the climate challenge in humanitarian contexts.

Mobile Technology for Participatory Forest Management: Co-designing and testing prototypes in Kenya


Monday 5 Jul 2021 | ClimateTech | Kenya | Mobile for Development | Report | Research | Sub-Saharan Africa |

In this report we explore how mobile devices and applications can be leveraged to strengthen participatory forest management (PFM) efforts in Kenya.

Supporting Innovation in Digital Urban Services


Monday 17 May 2021 | ClimateTech | Digital Utilities | Innovation fund and grants | Report |

This report first describes the opportunity to leverage a powerful digital ecosystem for improving lives, and the role that the GSMA plays to catalyse these solutions through our GSMA Innovation Fund. It then discusses ...

Digital Dividends in Plastic Recycling


Thursday 22 Apr 2021 | ClimateTech | Mobile for Development | Report | Resource | South Asia | Sub-Saharan Africa |

This report explores the specific benefits that plastics organisations in LMICs currently reap, or could eventually reap, from using digital tools or services or partnering with technology organisations.

The Role of Digital and Mobile-Enabled Solutions in Addressing Climate Change


Thursday 25 Feb 2021 | Central Insights Unit | ClimateTech | Disaster response | Energy | English | Global | Preparedness | Report | Research | Resilient technology |

Climate change is the most pressing challenge facing humankind. The world has already warmed by more than 1°C since pre-industrial times and the effects of this warming continue to worsen, profoundly affecting lives, ...

Renewable Energy for Mobile Towers


Tuesday 19 Jan 2021 | ClimateTech | Energy | Video |

In some low- and middle-income countries, mobile towers located off-grid or in areas with bad-grid connections, rely on diesel-powered generators that damage the environment. Watch this video to learn more about this challenge.

Africa’s Transition to Green Energy for Off-Grid Mobile Base Stations


Tuesday 29 Sep 2020 | ClimateTech | Presentation | Resource | Thrive Africa Side Sessions | Video |

During this session, hosted by GSMA’s CleanTech team, we will present insights from recently conducted research in green energy and highlight opportunities for the mobile industry to support the transition to more sustainable and circular business models.

Digital dividends in natural resource management: Why is digital technology vital to conservation in African Parks?


Thursday 8 Oct 2020 | ClimateTech | Resource | Thrive Africa Shorts | Video |

Learn how organisations like African Parks are using digital technology to restore ecosystems and fight climate change.

Renewable Energy for Mobile Towers: Opportunities for low- and middle-income countries


Monday 28 Sep 2020 | ClimateTech | East Asia and Pacific | Energy | Research | South Asia | Sub-Saharan Africa |

In this report, we examine the scale of the off-grid and bad-grid challenge in LMICs, and evaluate how the renewable energy landscape has changed.

Digital Dividends in Natural Resource Management


Wednesday 27 May 2020 | Case studies | ClimateTech | Disaster response | East Asia and Pacific | Global | Preparedness | Report | Research | Resilient technology | Resource | South Asia | Sub-Saharan Africa |

The GSMA CleanTech programme has conducted new research to explore the "digital dividends" of various types of technology on natural resource management in low- and middle-income countries.

What is e-waste?


Monday 11 May 2020 | ClimateTech | East Asia and Pacific | Infographic | South Asia | Sub-Saharan Africa |

With 50 million tonnes of e-waste being produced annually, it is the fastest growing waste stream in the world (PACE, 2019). E-waste poses environmental and health risks if treated inadequately. Therefore, better management of ...